Thursday, May 23, 2013

Highschool ♥

Ma’am Rose reprimanded me for being late, again. Imagine, for 3 consecutive days, I always woke up late. Hahaha. :D So, instead of answering back, (which is what I always do) I kept quiet. I walked to the classroom timidly, and outside our room, I saw my guy classmates sitting at the foyer. They were all bowing their heads, and I realize they’re up to something. I know that they know that I’m being scolded for being late, and so they feel sorry about what happened. L

Little did I know that they have plans to make me happy. As soon as I approached the end of the line of my guy classmates, Guian stoop up and shouted, “Jhoanna Marrie! Boys! Sayaw na! “and soon after, I saw them singing and dancing Willie Revillame’s song, “Boom Tarat Tarat.” They made me howl once more like a diminutive girl who’s looking for her misplaced doll.

Guian, Cezar, Ryan, (my first love. But is now avoiding me because he’s feeling awkward about the idea of my first love thingy. Hahaha!) Erick, Pedro, EJ, Teody, Alfredo, Ken, and Alvin.  Thank you boys. J I’m sorry it took me 5 years to tell this tale about what you guys did to please me. You boys are just the sweetest.

From lower left: Alvin, Erick, Guian, Ken (Face blurred :P) EJ, Teody, Alfredo, and Cezar. 

My closest photo with my first love, Ryan Rey Yang Rumingan. Naks memorize. HAHAHA. :D

Alfredo, with first love. HUHU HAHA. 

Hoping to see you all soon guys. I love and miss you all like crazy! 

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