Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Creative shot for Graduation. :)

My highschool starmate, Angelina and I are looking for any possible outfit/costume we can sport on for the creative shot for our graduation, since we're both on the same shoes expecting that we're gonna march by next year (Excited much kami ni Desti Gel e. :P) at Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) where majority of the colleges and universities here in the Philippines held their commencement exercises. 

(Angel is in her senior year taking up International Travel and Tourism Management at Lyceum of the Philippines University, and I, a Broadcast Communication Senior at Trinity University of Asia.)

Angel and I are both caught between wanting to graduate, and still cling on the memories created by the bunch of supah friends we had in college. Hello 4 years din yun. My college socials taught me to become more mature, responsible, and to have a new slate in my life. 

Sabi nya, paghahandaan nya talaga yung creative shot nya. But were having a hard time on what unique outfit to wear. I told her, na maganda yung Vintage Vixen, and the Jack Sparrow stuff. It'll be inimitable if a lady would dare try to carry it. =)))

Here are photos I had:
(Disclaimer: I do NOT own the photos. I inserted the links where I saw this cute images.)


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