Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy birthday cry baby! :D :*

For 2 months, I did my very best in conniving with Chiles' friends and relatives to say a little message for his birthday, and to greet him as well. It was really rigid, to be honest. I always see to it that Chiles is not around of course. Well, just in case you don't know, Chiles is like a surot. He'd suddenly appear right in front of me, or just beside me. You know how talkative I am when it comes to sharing what I always do. :) Hahaha! That's why IT IS really enduring to keep my fingers throttling away from typing here every single detail of what I did. :P 

Okay. The very first people who greeted him was Cyph and Maine. I saw the both of them just outside the school, and I guess they're heading to E-Port. Yeah I was right. There, you already know what I said. It would take me a lifetime to narrate the detail of what happened that day. LabSirs, thank you very much for your cooperation. Then at the same time trying your very best to keep quiet whenever Chiles would ask you guys. For our Trinity friends, you guys are the sweetest! I do not need to mention your names. Huuug! >:D<
And to his super friend JC, thank you! If you only know how surprised Chiles was. He had to ask me every now and then, (after watching the birthday video) how I got the chance to take a video of you. :) Hihi. 

His family and relatives also greeted him. I went to their house whenever his cousins are there. (You already know my agenda) 
THANK YOU GUYS! Super! :* Hug! >:D<

I will never forget how Chiles laugh and cried when he finished watching what I did for his birthday. His happiness and contentment will never be possible without his friends and relatives. I just wanted to say thank you very very much! Now I can say that all those sleepless nights and days are all worth it. 

Chiles: (crying) Hubby naman e, pinaiyak mo koooo. (he then suddenly hugged me)
Me: Ayaw mo? Oh last na yan. 
Chiles: Eeeeeh! Di naman e. :( (Sabay wala)

Chhhuuuut! Mission accomplished!

Tita Bing and Tito Peter: Nice Jho, very nice. Nakakatuwa yung ginawa mo anak. :)

What more can I say? :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Dean Orsal told us in our Film and Video class, "You will never understand someone else's character if you don't understand yourself."

Dean's Postscript: "Yung totoo ang sasabihin nyo ha, walang mahihiya!"

The Verdict: Dean wanted us to write down in four quadrants our honest-to-goodness answers about ourselves. Let's say that at this point in time, we need to  get so conceited for us to complete this seat work that Dean required us to do.

For the first quadrant, we need to write our Physical Characteristics, our Background, the hang- ups, and our misgivings. I can't believe I did our seatwork in Taglish. Hahaha! This is what I wrote:

"I know that I am so beautiful, inside and out. Hahaha! Joke lang po. :D I'm chubby, and I know that I'm sexy. Chubby is sexy! I stand 5'5 in height. There's this MassComm freshie who asked me, "Ate, are you Filipina- Arabian?"
You'll get it Dean. Hahaha ang echosera po ng  batang yun!"

For the second quadrant, we need to write what other people think about us, the relationship, the behavior, the attitude. And this is what I wrote:

"For my friends and family, they see me as so makulit and baliw. They know how I hate individuals who are so quiet. Parang timang po yung dating sakin. For my boyfriend, malambing na ewan na may toyo yung tingin nya sakin. Hahaha! Naalala ko po tuloy yung sinulat nyo sa paper ko, Dean. CONCENTRATE! Hahaha! Alam mo yan Dean! And ayun po alam kong tingin ni Chiles sa akin, sobra ko syang mahal. ♥"

For the third quadrant, we need to write what do we want for our future, and the like. This:

Am gonna be the supah Segment Producer and Executive Producer in GMA7 News and Public Affairs. (Yes, I want that two cool positions at the same time.) A genuine court Lawyer, and a professor at ADMU Graduate School. (I'm a graduate of M.A in Communication at Ateneo Graduate School, and a Law graduate at Ateneo Law School.) Go Team Ateneo!
A cool, pretty and clever mom and a wife to my kids and husband. (I hope it's going to be Chiles that I'm gonna marry.)"

For the fourth quadrant, the hindrances, obstacles in reaching our goals. Here:

Lazy- Get up lazybones! How could I work if I always find pleasure and joy in making hilata?
Glutton- How could I finish my works on time if I always find pleasure and joy in pigging out?
Madaling mawalan ng pag- asa- How could I move on and go to the next project I have if I always feel na laging wala ng pag- asa kapag pumalpak yung mga ginagawa ko? 
Naninigaw- How could I develop a good relationship to my colleagues if I always shout at them whenever I'm pissed? (Lahat ng bagay nadadaan sa magandang usapan Bro.)

Tadaa! And I'm finished! When I handed my paper to Dean, he immediately read the content. When I got back to my seat, I saw him smiling hanggang tenga. Then I heard him laugh heartily. OH GOD. Now you already know why I putted ":D" as my title. Wee! :) 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Better late than never.

That Boracay vacay is so long long ago na. :D I haven't noticed na oo nga pala, I promised Chiles na once I've got the time, I'll blog whatever happened in Boracay. So hubby, here it is.

My family can't stand not seeing me for just a day. I remember that time we we're still in Isabela, and I decided to head up to Manila to get into a good school, Mama and Papa we're like numb, they are about to cry, and it pained me seeing them trying to hold back their tears. Anyway, yung isang araw na di ako nakikita naloloka na sila, yun pa kayang eroplano ay barko yung pagitan at dapat sakyan para lang makita ako kakayanin kaya nila? Oh well. :)

In my previous blogs, I mentioned how the Delos Reyeses exerted their time and effort asking my parents consent for the Boracay break. Mama and Papa saw their sincerity and benevolence. Though I sensed they're having second thoughts, still, they allowed me to go with Chil's family and relatives. ♥

I waited for 2 hours to have this pictures uploaded. Nakakatamad na magblog. Hahaha! Tomorrow na lang. :)

Non- stop!

For the past few weeks, I didn't do anything good, but to eat, eat and eat. Maling mali. :| 
This wouldn't be possible if not because of Jarrod. Nagyaya kasi sya. So Chiles and I went to Taft. :) Saktong sakto sa plano ko. But that's another story to tell. :) Soon! Hahahaha! Just yesterday, who would have thought I'd be able to chomp Zark's Crunchy Barbecue Burger, Cheese Fries, and that bottomless iced tea added to that glutted feeling. I can't stand. Nakakaloka. Bebang and Mayel started to tease me, saying "Ate! Go kaya mo yan!" Tapos tong si Jarrod, nangaasar pa yung mukha. :| Gusto ko ng umiyak sa sobrang busog. I can't finish it. :( Hahahaha!

Then Chiles told me, "Di mo naman kailangan ubusin hubby e. Wag pilitin hubby."


Irah, Kiks, calling calling! Wala kayo dito. :(

With the beautiful, bonggalicious Jassela. ♥

Hubby Chubby Bantot. :P :* ♥

Jarrod: FAIL :| Hahaha!

After Zark's we headed to Mcdo. Bebang and Mayel craves for McFlurry, so bumili kami. :D After nun, we headed to MaDocs. Si Tita Odet kasi naconfine, and we're all praying for her fast recovery. ♥
Wala pa sa kalahati yung nadidigest ng tyan namin, si Tita Bing nagpabili ng pizza. Omg. Bundat. :| :D

 Now that Irah is already with us, kering keri na ang happiness. Pero wala pa din si Kiks mylove. :(

Mayel and I getting sooooo conceited. :P

Zark's burger and cheese fries, bottomless iced tea, pizza, isaw, and etc. OMG. I do not need that diet. 
Sabi nga nung follower ko sa Twitter:
RT: @KimyVanidosa Ang totoong maganda hindi takot tumaba, diet ka nga ng diet mukha ka naman ng palaka!

Monday, December 3, 2012


Wala lang, natutuwa lang kami ni Chiles kasi ano. :D Hahahaha I love you bantot. :* I just felt the need to blog it. :P

Aaaaay ah, enjoy sya sa blog ko. :P :D Go on, basa lang ng bongga my friend! :P 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy 4th month Hubby!

Omg! We both can't contain our extreme happiness! :) Wag ng kumontra. Hahaha! Yesterday, Chiles and I celebrated our 4th month of being together. :"> I was like, weh? before he's the best guy friend I can depend on, and then shoot! Here it is, we're inseparable for the last 4 months. :) I guess, that is the best thing about us, we're friends for such a long time, and we didn't have a hard time knowing each other, this time, deeper. Oh well, pag- ibig. ♥

We had our lunch at Tender Bob's, and then after we went to Sony to have his phone checked. Lagi kasing nawawalan ng signal. :(
So lakad lakad, and then bang. There's this aspiring K- Pop Group dancing on the stage, tapos tong si Chiles, nanuod. Tuwang tuwa sya e, na ang ginawa nya, sumayaw sayaw din sya. Gulay. Ang jeje ng itsura nya. Di nya bagay. :D
He also enjoyed watching the Cosplayers. :D Ang cute lang tignan ng Hubby ko. Nageenjoy. Ang babaw ng kaligayahan. :) Yiieee I love you Chiles. :)

Happy Lemon, Tokyo Cafe, and then we watched Stolen. 
Twas a good movie. :) But before that, medyo nagkaiyakan kami ni Chiles. Here;
Chiles asked me kung bakit lagi ko daw syang pinagdududahan. I didn't know I pissed him off by asking stupid questions, and I guess my questions deserve a bullshit answers. Sumosobra na daw ako sabi nya. ;( Oh yes I know. 

Inside the car:

Chiles: Wala naman akong ginagawa para pagselosan mo diba? Kelan ka ba maniniwala sakin? Ayaw mo maniwala sa akin, ayaw mo maniwala sa kaibigan mo, ayaw mo maniwala sa mga kaibigan ko, ayaw mo maniwala sa magulang ko. Kanino ka maniniwala? Sa mga ilusyon mo? Hubby naman. Mahal na mahal kita! Ayoko mawala ka sakin e. Isa lang naman dapat mong gawin e, bumitaw ka sa nakaraan, tapos maniwala ka sakin, sa mga kaibigan mo, sa mga kaibigan ko, at sa parents ko. Yun lang hubby. Simple diba? Pinapahirapn mo sarili mo e.

Me: ;((((((( (Am such a crying baby.) Sorry na. Ayoko lang naman kasi mawala ka e. Tsaka mahal na mahal kita hubby e. Huhuhuhu.

Now I realized, am such a dim- wit because of what I did. Though Hubby told me how beautiful (still) I am even if I'm crying. He told me that I do not serve to cry just because of those petty issues. Okay. I think I moped you guys of my jealousy monster issues. Sorry. :) I promise, this one's going to be the last. Swear. 

Before going home, we went to Silverworks. Yieee, he wanted to buy us a couple ring. :"> Minutes later, he noticed there's a fireworks outside the mall. We rushed getting out of the mall. :) I bet you already know what happened next.

Once again he told me, "bakit kapag lagi tayong magkasama, laging may fireworks no hubby? Galing!" :* :"> Then I just smiled. 

Now that our eyes are satisfied with the fireworks display, we rushed going inside the mall. Hahaha. Cute lang. :P

The saleslady asked, "mag- asawa po kayo ma'am, sir?"

I responded saying no. :) Gulay ha. I still have this dreams  I wanted to pursue before getting married. Besides, Chiles and I are not in a hurry to tie the knot. We would still like to wait for around 5 years, or less? Charot. :)

That couple ring looked so good on us. It fitted perfectly. :) Inside the ring, our names are engraved on it. My ring had Chiles' name, and his ring had my name. Happy us. :"> ♥

Lord, thank you for giving me a guy like Chiles. I really could not ask for more. ♥
And to you Chiles, no words can say how much I love you. You also know how scared I am to lose you. I love you so much! I hope you won't grow tired understanding me being so lunatic. Happy 4th monthsary Hubby! :*

Friday, November 30, 2012

1st day of December 2012

OMG! Christmas is in the air! I'm feeling so excited about it. Malamig na ewan. Hahaha! 

I hope na lahat tayo this coming Christmas, magiging super happy. :) Mehehehe. Say a little prayer today friends. I love you Bro! I love you Mama and Papa! I love you Mcdodo! I love you tito's and tita's! I love you Cousins! I love you Chiles! ♥

Tadaaa! Smile! Have a great hair day! Charot. :D

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Paranoid? Hindi rin.

Kasi naman, aminin natin. Sa isang relationship, hindi maiiwasan ng babae na hindi isipin yung naging past ng boyfriend nya ngayon. Tapos tong mga lalaki naman, sasabihan pa ng paranoid yung babae. :| Hello? E minsan kasi naiisip din ng mga babae;

  • Masaya kaya sya sakin? Gaya nung sa ex nya dati?
  • Mahal nya kaya talaga ako? Gaya nung sa ex nya dati?
  • Kapag kasama nya kaya ako, pakiramdam ba nya kasama nya pa rin yung ex nya? O baka napipilitan lang sya kasi ako yung girlfriend nya ngayon?

Punyeta. Yan lang masasabi ko. Am not saying na lahat ng babae, ganyan. Minsan nga, iiyak na lang yan ng walang dahilan. Sasabihin nya dun sa nagtatanong sa kanya, "Wala, sakit ko kasi na umiyak ng walang dahilan." Pero deep inside, pinapatay ka na ng kagagahan mo, sarili mong kagagahan kakaisip sa naging buhay mag- jowa nila noon.

Aminin din, na minsan naiisip natin na dapat, mas angat tayo kesa dun sa ex. :D do I sound sooo mean? Not really I know. 

Boys, sana maintindihan nyo kung bakit minsan, napaparanoid yung mga girlfriend nyo. Di nyo kasi naiintindihan, na sobra lang nila kayong mahal kaya sila nagkakaganun. Ayaw nyang mawala ka sa buhay nya, syempre kapag nangyari yun, mababaliw yan. Tatahimik lang saglit, pero mamaya magpapalahaw na sa iyak. 

Boys, iparamdam sa girlfriends nyo na wala ng dapat pagselosan pa. Minsan kasi kaming mga babae, nakakapatay ng kapwa babae sa pamamagitan ng sumpa. Ikaw din. ;)

You want me Hubby? :D

I texted Sir Dynes if we're going to have class sa Dev. Broad, and he texted me back saying, "Library work. Research on R.A 9003" So naisip ko, sayang naman yung oras na tatambay kami, and then I texted Mommy A kung pwede ba na imerge nya na lang yung class. Since ganun din naman mangyayari. She said okay. :)

Hello Communication and Broadcasting majors. :)
Halo- halo sa room. Chit- chat, blah blah blah. Mommy A arrived. Chiles Found a seat near me, so tabi kami. Hahahah! 
Mommy A let the group leaders of the thesis groups to make some verbal recap on how did the groups handled the problems, achievements, etc. So the group leaders speaked. 
So it's Chiles' turn:

Mommy A: Delos Reyes, how's your group?

Hubby: Okay naman po, blah blah blah. Kaso po lima na lang kami sa group, Nagtransfer na po kasi yung isang member namin sa ibang school.

Mommy A: Oh, may iba ka bang gustong kunin na ka- group mo?

Hubby: (smiling) Ma'am si Jho po! 

Then he looked at me. The class shouted oooooooyyyyy. Kiss! Oh God, di man lang ako binigyan ng kahihiyan ng batang to! Juskooo. :D

What's painful is, pinapalayas na ako ng groupmates ko. Huhuhu. ;((((((
Sabay tawa.

And now, my turn to report.

Mommy A: De Lima. :)

Me: Tapos na po sa F.I, FGD, and now we're looking on forward to start the Narrative Writing, I mean the Data Analysis po Mami.

Mommy A: Good. E yung problems?

Me: Yun nga po yung sa scriptwriters, and De Leon. We're still hoping na sana po mainterview namin sya. If ever na di po namin magawa, lalagay na lang po namin sa Scope and Delimitations na wala na po talaga kaming access para mainterview sila.

Mommy A: Okay sige. Kayo na kaya maunang magdefend? Para matapos na kayo agad?

My mind went blank. The next thing I knew, the class was shouting my surname, and then I said, "Mommy no, please mommy no. :(" 

Now, I don't know what's bound to happen next. Natatakot ako na kinakabahan na natutuwang ewan. Mommy A trust my group so much that she's so confident that we can defend our paper on the first day of Defense. Thank you Mommy A, you are the best- est thesis adviser!
But that doesn't mean na papayag ako na kami mauna. Hello, nagbunutan na nga e. :(

Oh anyway, thank you for everything Bro. Sobra po. :*

Metrobar. :)

Omg! I never noticed that once again, I'm about to desert my blog. Hahaha! Thesis, stress, and lots of scripts made it possible. :D Oh anyway, the important thing is I am now updating it. :)

Last Nov. 28, 2012, TUA- College of Arts and Sciences held it's Acquaintance Party at the Metrobar, Timog Ave. Of course for us students, it's a relief. A temporary relief. Hello, matambakan ka ba naman ng sangkaterbang papel, sulat ng script, gawa ng SWOT, etc. Now, my hands are swollen. :( Huhuhu. 

Mcdodo friends are present, and we made it sure to have a detonation, now that we're (almost!) near to the Where-do-we-go-from-here ending of our college tales. Oh well, ayaw muna namin isipin. Pero nakakaloka kasi. Palapit na ng palapit. :(

At dahil hindi kami magkasya sa Photo Booth, sila na nauna. :D

Hi Mcdodo, mahal na mahal ko kayo. Kahit na kulang tayo. :( :*

Chiles and I separated..... Sa kanila of course! Hahahaha. 
Ah basta, I enjoyed the night! Sobra!

So before the party, sabay na kami pumunta ni Chiles sa Metro. Tita Bing told me that I looked so good. :) Hahaha! Buhatin ang sariling bangko! Tara! Hahaha Charot. So ako pakiyeme. :D Tito Peter and Tita Bing told us not to go home late, and syempre mabait kami ni Hubby kaya 9:30pm pa lang umalis na kami. :) Since iinom din yung Sirs sa kanila.

Before going home, we went to KFC first. Sobrang nagcrave ako talaga sa Double- decker. But I didn't eat it rightaway even if I want to, kasi mangangamoy sa kotse. You know my Hubby, so maarte kasi e. Joke. :*

Non- stop happiness! Thank you Bro! :* ♥

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cavite roadtrip and Star City. ♥

Chiles, Tita Bing and Tito Peter invited me to come with them to surprise Tito Joseph for his birthday. (Tito Joseph is Tita Odet's better half.) So ako naman okay, the thing is ni piso wala ako sa wallet ko. Nasa ATM lahat. Hahaha! I told Chiles na next time na lang kasi nga dahil dun. But he insisted. He texted me saying na susunduin nya daw ako kasama si Tito Peter. :/ Gulay nakakahiya. Chiles texted Tito Peter na susunduin daw nila ako. Then Tito Peter said yes and happy daw si Tito na susunduin daw nila ako. Omg. 

On our way to Sikatuna, Tito Peter asked me: 

Tito Peter: Jho ha, nananabunot ka na pala. (laughs)

Me: Opo nga e! Hahaha! Di ko nga po alam nananakit na pala ako. Gulay tito. Lakas nya maka- issue.

Tito P: Hayaan mo na yun. Wag nyo ng pansinin. :D

Then we went to Jolibee Regalado to have our breakfast. :)


So right after waiting for Tita Bing, we're all ready to surprise Tito Joseph for his super day. :) Chiles and I got stuck to dreamland for an hour inside the car. Hahaha. MASA kasi kami. MASAndal tulog. Hahaha! So pag- gising namin, nasa Roxas Boulevard na kami para magpaluto ng foods. :) 

Tadaaa! So in no time nasa Cavite na kami. When Ate Tin saw me, super ngiti sya then she hugged me right away. Sabi nya, "Sabi ko sayo Ate Jho e! Magkikita tayo!"

Cute. :) Ewan ko, but I just love Hubby's family and relatives. ♥ Sarap sa pakiramdam na nakakasama ko sila tapos lahat kami, HAPPY.

Pagpasok namin sa bahay, Pungkoy smiled at me. Then he hugged me, too. :) He said how much he missed me. Such a sweet kid! Tapos tong si Ate Tin, sabi sa anak nyang si Koki Matsing, "Kiko anak, andyan si Ate Jho oh!" Si Koki medyo nahiya pa. Hahaha! Then Ate Tin whispered, "Sabi nya sakin Ate Jho, mama miss ko na si Ate Jho kasi nakikipaglaro sya sakin. :)"

Ayyy ahhh! Ang cute cute lang talaga.

Nagtataka nga ako bakit wala si Kiks my love. :( Nasa taas pa daw nag- aayos. Sabi ko nga sana bumaba na sya para makita ko na sya. Kiks is always texting me; 

Good morning ate! :) 
Super sweet lang talaga ng batang to sakin. ♥
So bumaba na sya, and when she saw me; Ateeeee! Helllooooo! >:D< Super tight hug! 
Same goes with Irah and Bebang! Kaso tong si Bebang bongga makasigaw nung nakita ako. Hahaha! :D 

After eating, we went upstairs. (Kiks, Koki, Chiles and I) to take a rest. Syempre busog. Hahaha! Kiks and I had fun conversing about random stuffs, then si Koki nangungulit din. He kept on telling me how badly he wanted to go to Star City. When Chiles heard Koki saying that, natuwa sya. 

Lahat yata tinanong ni Koki kung sino gusto mag Star City, all of us said yes. Kaso para makapunta sa Star City, Ate Tin motioned Koki na lambingin si Tito Peter para pumayag. Hahaha! Guess what kind of lambing Koki did? He massaged Tito Peter. HAHAHA! Cute!

Tadaaa! Pumayag si Tito so hello Star City na biglaan! Hahaha.
Ride all you can, plus 4D ride and Laser Blaster = FUN!

Ang sumira lang naman sa pagkatao ko, yung Surf Dance na yan. Di ko kinaya. Akala ko mamamatay na ako. Akala ko wala na. :D

One good thing nandun lahat sila para macomfort ako. Though nakakatakot, nalessen naman kasi pinapatawa nila ako. Bawing bawi!
Super enjoy kami. Na we were not able to notice the time. We have to go home early kasi ipapaalam pa ako nila Chiles, Tito and Tita for Boracay vacay. Sana payagan. :) (Kahit na tapos na kasi sobrang saya at busy lang talaga kaya di nakapag blog. :D)

Sa sobrang pagod namin, nakatulog na naman kami ni Chiles. Hahaha, at pag- gising namin nasa Sikatuna na kami. Hinatid lang saglit si Tita Bing kasi super antok na si Tita. She told me na si Tito Peter na bahala magpaalam sakin for Boracay. I conveyed my thanks to Tita, then bang! 

Kinakabahan ako kasi baka di ako payagan. In my mind, whether they'll allow me to go or not, I will never forget how the Delos Reyeses exerted their time and effort to ask my parents consent about the vacay. Dyan pa lang, panalo na sa lahat. ♥

Tito Peter even bought foods bago pumunta samin. I wanted the ground to open and swallow me ASAP. Nakakahiya.


Mama and Papa waited for us. Tapos todo asikaso talaga sila. Okay, this is it. 

Tito Peter: Ipagpapaalam lang po sana namin si Jho sa Boracay. Pasensya na po at wala yung asawa ko, di na kinaya yung antok. :)

Papa: Ilang days po ba kayo doon?

Tito Peter: Mga mag 1 week ho siguro. :)

Mama and Papa's eyes met. My heart was pounding. :| 

Papa: Alam nyo ho kasi mahal na mahal namin yang batang yan. Maraming pangarap yung mga tito nya para sa kanya. Sobrang alaga kaming lahat jan e. :) Alam nila kasing kayang kaya ng anak ko kaya tiwalang tiwala sila dyan. Hindi rin kami sanay na di nakakasama yan e. (laughs)

Oh shoot Papa. Are you gonna allow me to go or not? Kahit yun na lang. Hahaha!

Tito Peter: Naiintindihan ko naman po yun. :) Kahit naman po kay Chiles ganyan kami. Kaya nga po personal kaming nagpaalam. Tsaka di naman po mapapabayaan dun si Jho. :)

Papa: Paki- ingatan na lang sya dun ha? Madami kumain yan. 

Then Papa's hearty laugh says it all. ♥

YEHEY! I'll keep you guys updated! My thumbs are getting sored. :P :D

Friday, November 9, 2012

Post Monthsary. ♥ HAHAHA.

Chiles and I were supposed to celebrate our 3rd month together here in the Metro last Nov. 02. But since were both in Nueva Ecija, dun na kami nagsaya together with his family and relatives. :) Sobrang saya. That was the first time I learned to play Bingo. Hahaha! Jassela, Kiki and Tita Del taught me the basics. Sisiw lang pala yun. Hahah! Yabang! Natalo nga ako ng 9 pesos e. :D

Yesterday, Chiles slept over here in the house, kasi he wants me to accompany him to SM North to update his OS. I said okay. :) 
Before heading to SM North, dumaan muna kami sa SM Fairview to have my wedges repaired. 

Yung matagal ko ng plano na mabilhan sya ng J. Co, sa wakas, nagawa ko na. Hahaha! Stupid me for not remembering to have the 2 monthsary cards also. :( Nagmamadali kasi masyado e. Kainis. :(

Yummy daw sabi nya. :)

Hahahaha! So after ko sya mabilhan, I told him na dapat maubos nya agad yan. Hahahah! Diabetes ang abot mo Chiles boy. :D Charot.
Nung nasa SM North na kami, before going to the store where he can have his phone updated, he bought tickets first. He's excited for Wreck It Ralph talaga. 
Then we went to the store. Too bad, wala pa yung update na sinasabi nya. Sayang. :( 

So parehas na kaming gutom. Hello Kimono Ken! This is Tita Bing's favorite Japanese Restaurant. That is what she told me the last time we eat there. Hihi. Hubby and I ordered Chicken Teriyaki. Gulaaaay ang yummy. :) Tapos sabi ni Chiles, pambawi sa monthsary namin, just last week. Hahaha! Okay na okay na. :)


And before I forget! Chiles made this reservation for us two. Hahahah! Joke. Nauna lang talaga kami. Haha! 

Hahahaha! :*

Monday, November 5, 2012

Thank you Bro! :*

Hiya! Lowest grade: 2.00 ;( Pero okay na yan. I know I did my best in my Educ. subject. So whatever my grade is, keri na. :)

Another is, thank you Lord! DL is me. :) Sayang si Hubby ko nalaglag sa DL's. :(((((
  Anyway, I really need to update you my everdearest blog! Starting from:

  • Cavite Roadtrip and Star City bonding with Hubby's family and relatives.
  • Yummy dinner and happy conversation with my fam and Hubby's family.
  • Tito Peter, Tita Bing, and Chil's effort in asking my parent's permission for the semestral break vacay at Boracay, and Nueva Ecija. ♥
  • Nueva Ecija and Tarlac supah roadtrip.

I'll update you soon-est blog! Wag lang mataon na may ginagawa talaga ako. Wink! ;)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kill me now.

Hindi ko na nagugustuhan yung mga nangyayari. Lord, tulungan mo po ako please. Baka di ko na po kayanin. Please po. ;((((((((

Thursday, October 18, 2012

:| :( :/

Pasado ako syempre. Kahit na Oct. 19 pa lang, (the release of grades will be on Oct. 22.) I know, talagang alam ko na wala akong failing grades charot. Lord, please. Kahit na 1.75 na yung lowest please?

Mommy A asked me what is my lowest grade since I entered college. Sabi ko tres. College Algebra. Sorry, I'm not a huge fan of numbers and I hate dealing with

blah blah. Hello terrible headache. 
"Sayang! Nasundot mo na sana si Cum Laude!"

I didn't respond to what Ma'am Agato has said. It felt bad. Gulaaaaay.

Ay bahala na si Batman. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Creative shot for Graduation. :)

My highschool starmate, Angelina and I are looking for any possible outfit/costume we can sport on for the creative shot for our graduation, since we're both on the same shoes expecting that we're gonna march by next year (Excited much kami ni Desti Gel e. :P) at Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) where majority of the colleges and universities here in the Philippines held their commencement exercises. 

(Angel is in her senior year taking up International Travel and Tourism Management at Lyceum of the Philippines University, and I, a Broadcast Communication Senior at Trinity University of Asia.)

Angel and I are both caught between wanting to graduate, and still cling on the memories created by the bunch of supah friends we had in college. Hello 4 years din yun. My college socials taught me to become more mature, responsible, and to have a new slate in my life. 

Sabi nya, paghahandaan nya talaga yung creative shot nya. But were having a hard time on what unique outfit to wear. I told her, na maganda yung Vintage Vixen, and the Jack Sparrow stuff. It'll be inimitable if a lady would dare try to carry it. =)))

Here are photos I had:
(Disclaimer: I do NOT own the photos. I inserted the links where I saw this cute images.)


Monday, October 15, 2012

Happiness! ♥

Tita Bing, Tito Peter and Chiles wants me to join them for lunch at Dad's yesterday afternoon. Hubby called me na sumama nga daw ako. So eto na naman ako nahiya. :|

When I got out in my bed, I saw Tita Bing's text message saying, "Sama ka na tapos malling tau."

So I do not have any reasons para maginarte na nahihiya ako kasi gusto talaga nila. HIHIHI. Ang sweet lang talaga. :">
Hinintay pa talaga nila ako sa East Ave.para lang sabay kami lahat pumunta sa Dad's. Gulaaaay nakakahiya. :| :/ :(

At Dad's, syempre yung hubby chubby ko puro sushi ang tinarget. Hahaha! Palagi naman e. Sabi ko nga sa kanya, kahit na matakaw sya, sobrang mahal na mahal ko sya. ♥

After having a sumptuous lunch, we headed to Trinoma. Hubby wants to get his hair cut, so sinamahan ko muna sya. He also bought a case for his phone. Nauna ng umuwi sila Tita Bing and Tito Peter kasi inaantok na sila, so Hubby and I roamed around Trinoma. Nagpapalit din sya ng number sa globe, kasi lagi syang late receive. Zzzz.

Nag gm sya sa lahat ng nasa contacts nya, then I saw this girl's number. I was like numb standing after seeing her name. Gulay. He hold my hand, tapos he asked me what I want to eat, where do I wanna go, and etc. Those statements weren't clear. I kept on nodding, then he noticed na wala na ako sa wisyo.


Okay. When he asked me if okay lang ako, I answered him:

Me: Okay lang ako, okay nga lang! (crying)

Him: Hala!?! Hubby ano yan bakit ka umiiyak? Anong problema?

Me: (hagulgol) Wala nga okay lang ako ano ba. 

He pulled me near the post in front of Happy Lemon, and he kept on asking me what's wrong.

Me: Wala nga, to naman. (Hagulgol pa din)

Him: Hindi tayo matatapos nito hangga't di mo sinasabi, bakit nga hubby? Ayokong umiiyak ka e. Alam ko na. Nakita mo name nya?


Me: Hindi, hindi. Okay lang ako, okay?


Him: Hubby, natenga lang yun dito sa phone book ko. Wala na yun ano ka ba? Hubby naman e, wag na umiyak ha?

Me: Hala, hindi yun hubby.

Him: E ano? Hubby naman e. Ano nga? Di tayo aalis dito hangga't di mo sinasabi.

Me: Oo na nga yun nga! Yun nga!

Him: Sabi na e, hubby wag na umiyak ha? Natenga lang naman yun dito e, wala na yun okay? Ayan deleted na, tignan mo. Eto, makinig ka sa sasabihin ko ha? Ikaw lang nag iisang mahal ko, ikaw lang papakasalan ko, diba?
Oh uulitin ko ha? Mahal na mahal kita hubby ko.
Isa pa ulit, mahal na mahal kita hubby ko.
Isa pa ulit, mahal na mahal kita hubby ko. Sobra!

So nakatatlong ulit sya sakin nun habang yung dalawang kamay nya nasa pisngi ko, tapos tinititigan nya ako. :">

Okay na ako, finally. We're supposed to have a milk tea at Happy Lemon, e ang daming tao. Starbucks, madami din tao, Jack's Loft, di nya gusto yung foods. Finally, we had Gelatissimo! Wala kasi kaming matambayan, e 8:05pm pa yung This Guy's Inlove With You Mare. Hahaha. Funny. =)))))))))

We had fun pigging out yesterday night, enjoyed watching TGILWYM, he slept at the house, and we had a good rest. :)

Hubby, I won't grow tired blogging what we did, kung kabaliwan man, kakiligan, kagaguhan or what. I love you so much! Mahal na mahal hubby. :*

Friday, October 12, 2012

He made our Prod. Finals really :">

I told hubby na we have this final productions for our Production Design subject with Sir Ian. I'm going to be the surprise guest, and mind you lawyer na ako dun ha. Hahaha! Together with me is Santie, the supah photographer of all times. :D

So the original plan is, they're gonna surprise me in the interview having Rigor as my husband. Hahaha. Dibaaaaaaaaa? Gulay. Then I invited hubby to watch our final prod. Then he said yes, para sa akin. Yieeee. :"> Tapos sabi ko din sa kanya, "ikaw na lang din kaya yung ipapakilala kong asawa ko sa show hubby?" Tapos sabi nya sya na nga lang daw. :** I texted Jamie, and she said yes! Omg! So okay na. Yehey. 


So si Chiles in no time naging cameraman na naging assistant na naging guest. Cool. =)))

Santie had his spotlight during the show, and so I'm next in line.
Alright, inhale, exhale. :)

Turner: Okay, so let's have our second surprise guest! Atty. Jho DeLima!

Tadaaaaaa, they asked me about Law, what made me pursue it, were there times I felt like quiting, etc. And then the omg question, eto na. ♥

Turner and Salvanera: So kamusta naman lovelife mo Jho? We heard may boyfriend ka ha? :"> 

So silang dalawa kinilig, the prod.staff began shouting. Grabeti kinikilig sila, e di pa lumalabas si Chiles nyan ha. :D

Me: Ayyyy ahhhh? Updated? Hahaha! Yes my boyfriend ako, going strong naman kami. :)

Then Daven butted in:

Salvanera: Ay oo nga pala! May surprise kami for you Atty!

Me: Really huh?!

Salvanera and Turner: So nandito yung boyfriend mo! :""""">


I don't know but when Chiles showed up, kinabahan ako na kinilig. Yes I know na nandun talaga sya, pero parang nasurprise pa din ako in a way I really can't explain. :)

So si Daven and Rose ang daming natanong nung naisama na si Chiles sa show. Hahaha! One good thing, game si Chiles na makipagkwentuhan sa kanila. Teehee. When I looked at the prod. staff, it surprised me seeing the Sir's. Wow ha. Nanuod talaga. :)

Turner: So how's your relationship naman?

Chiles: Eto going strong naman sabi nga nila. :">

Salvanera: Kelan monthsary nyo? Yieeeeeeeee! 

Chiles: Every 2. Hehehe. Blah blah blah..

I forgot Turner's question but Chiles answered her saying this:

"Okay kami e, kasi kapag naglalaro ako, sasabihin nya enjoy. Bihira na sa mga babae yung ganyan e. Never kong naexperience sa kanya yung parang lahat nasisita. Tsaka may trust kami sa isa't isa."


Then the prod. staff, shouted KISSSSSS!

Turner asked the both of us a favor. 

Turner: I have a serious favor guys.

Us: Sure, what?

Turner: Pwede kissssss? :">


So lahat sila sigawan, oh Lord. Nakarecord po yun. Grabeng buhay naman yan oo. Hahaha. Hindi naman sa ayaw ko, e syempre kahihiyan na din naman diba? Daming tao. Hahahah!

Then Chiles put his arm around my shoulder and said, "sige na hubby isa lang."

Me: Sure ka? 

Chil: Oo sige na. Mabilis lang. 


Ayun na, sigawan, kilig, etc. The best- est feeling ever. ♥ 

After the prod. Akis my babe approached me and said, "ang landi nyo babe! Pero grabe kinikilig ako! :">"

Tommy said, "yung lovelife portion nyo ni Chiles ang spotlight nung show e! :">"

Teehee. Soorrrry naman pouzsx! I just love how he mastered the guts in kissing me in front of many people. Omg!


Hunky punky Kel.

Kel, Jennie and I on the set. :)

Jennie and Poleng.

From left: Tommy, Rose, I, Marni, Daven, Santie and the one kneeling, Kel. :D

The sequence guide I prepared for the show. :)

Marneng luga and Jennie Beb.

The power hosts, Daven Salvanera and Rosemary Turner.

I'm with the 3rd district Representative of QC, Congressman Salvanera. Hahaha!

From left: Cateeey sweety baby, Jamie, Kel and Poleng.

From left: Santie, Kel, Reesey baby patootie, and Jennie

My mommy Yani ironing my hair. ♥

Thank you guys for making this final prod. really a Day To Remember. Me lalaloves you all! ♥