Monday, November 5, 2012

Thank you Bro! :*

Hiya! Lowest grade: 2.00 ;( Pero okay na yan. I know I did my best in my Educ. subject. So whatever my grade is, keri na. :)

Another is, thank you Lord! DL is me. :) Sayang si Hubby ko nalaglag sa DL's. :(((((
  Anyway, I really need to update you my everdearest blog! Starting from:

  • Cavite Roadtrip and Star City bonding with Hubby's family and relatives.
  • Yummy dinner and happy conversation with my fam and Hubby's family.
  • Tito Peter, Tita Bing, and Chil's effort in asking my parent's permission for the semestral break vacay at Boracay, and Nueva Ecija. ♥
  • Nueva Ecija and Tarlac supah roadtrip.

I'll update you soon-est blog! Wag lang mataon na may ginagawa talaga ako. Wink! ;)

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