Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ang Nawawala Fever. ♥

Minsan, sung by Eraserheads continued to invade my iTunes. Hahahaha. This was the song sung by Gibson, (Played by Dominic Roco) and his friends in the New Breed Film entry in Cinemalaya entitled Ang Nawawala. Lakas lang talaga ng impact ng movie na 'to samin magkakaibigan. I can honestly say na suliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit yung 150 ko. Hahahaha. I kept on updating my status about how much I really love the entries in Cinemalaya, and they are all deserving to get the title. 

Okay, hindi ko makumple- kumpleto ang blog ko kasi lagi na lang akong inaantok. Hahaha. Let me sleep first. Teehee. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cinemalaya! ♥

At long last! Finally, I was able to watch the films required by the Dean. :)))) Attending the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival is such an awesome experience. Please exclude that last year bonding with my friends, what are you thinking now? A fun- filled day watching indie movies with the greatest loves of my life. ♥

On my way to Trinoma, I thought na dapat this year, it'll be fun. No dull and stupid moments, just lalalove. :">


I went to SM Fairview terminal to have a ride to Trinoma mall early in the morning. Is 11am already early? :P Charot lang. Buti na lang hindi na naghintay ng pasahero sa madali lang yung byahe. Teeheee. 
When I arrived at Trinoma, Poleng called me to ask where am I, sabi ko nasa Ladies Room lang para lumandi. After nun nagkita kita na kami. 

The next thing I saw we did was:

  1. Had a small debate whether or not to have a ride on 4D blah blah near Timezone. (Sorry I forgot the name of the establishment.) We ended up shouting inside the room seeing the zombies and monsters doing their very best to scare us by throwing us blades and axes. My eyes were half closed, para naman di na ako mamaos kakasigaw. :D
  2. Paid Jennie, (since she's the one who got lots of bucks in us 6, hahaha!) 66php for the Realto like experience. BITIN.
  3. Kept on laughing and laughing and laughing while we're waiting for the others. We were like crazy reminding Reese how loud she was inside the room. =))))))))))
  4. Bought tickets for the New- Breed entry for Cinemalaya. This is it! 1:30pm ang time! ;)
  5. Time check 12:45pm. We already went inside the theatre. Maaga pa, pero pagod na paa namin para maglakad- lakad pa. Hahaha.
I'll continue what happened next right after watching "Ang Nawawala" I'm sleepy. I can't stand this anymore.

 So we made it early to Trinoma to have this awesome 4D ride. HAHAHA.

Cinemalaya = FUN. ;)

Having them around is the BEST- EST thing ever. ♥ 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Rigor is my guy. :P

No, no. Do not get me wrong. We just decided na gusto na naming pumasok sa isang realasyon. Charot. Wala lang. Gaguhan lang namin ni Rigor my love. Hahaha. E nafeel kong iblog lang kasi kanina pa kami nag gagaguhan sa Twitter. Okay, good night na nga. :P


"Okay! Byeeee, B I T C H !"

 I didn't mind his text.

"Wag ka ng magtanong! Oo BITCH KA! BITCH ka talaga! Hahahaha."

Once again, I tried my very best to ignore his text message.

"Ayoko ngang magkaron ng asawang lalakerong bitch! Yaiks! Brr! Byeeeeeee!"

Supposed I went on my way to text him back with my silliest message ever, you think I already went down onto his level? Yes of course. Kaya nga di ko na nireplyan e. HAHAHA.

Renz and I had a fight last night. I grew up tired listening to his sentiments before. Hey, I understand that. BUT PLEASE, 


I told him, it's no longer appropriate to recall those stupidities and pain. Pero sya, ewan ko kung bakit nya gustong gusto nyang balikan. Why on Earth? I think hindi nya dapat sinaid yung pasensya ko na intindihin kung ano man yung mga hinanakit nya before. Naiinitindihan ko yun, pero yung uulit- ulitin nya na lang sakin almost everyday? No. Hindi na tama. Nakakainis na. How can we both move on if he kept on remembering it, all over again? Parang tanga diba? Nakakagago. Guess it's time for me to set him free for good. Baka sakaling marealize nya lahat na mali na yung ginagawa nya na ulit- ulitin yung di na dapat bang balikan. 

Thank you Medrano for saying those words straight into my face. As you can see, I already know how to handle things like this. I bet, one day, you might be able to read this and you can distinctly remember how rude you can be at times like this. I guess there's a need for you to thank me personally for not including the other text messages you sent last night. Thank me, I deleted it right away. Hug! >:D< 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Poleng. Wahaha.

Bah, okay okay. Ewan ko, pero natawa ako sa blogspot ni Poleng. Puro kagaguhan e. Yung napagalitan yung buong class dahil sa tawanan nila, na nakisali lang naman kami ni Marni, kami pa yung sinisi nitong babaeng to. Hahahah. Ang kulit lang kasi talaga. Fail kay Ma'am Espie. Buti na lang, gv na sya samin after na mapagalitan yung buong class. Charot. Yun lang. Natawa lang talaga ako kay Poleng. :D


Introduction was the only thing who became the burden for us to achieve what we wanted. 1.75? Yeah, not bad, but we could have done way too good para makuha namin yung flat one na gusto namin. I guess we're more than just lucky to have that grade, and one good thing, our paper wasn't rejected. After all, we did our very best to come up with those brilliant ideas. The thing is, naging RRL yung dapat na Introduction namin for thesis. Hahaha. I still managed to laugh kahit na ganito yung nangyari sa paper namin. Next time, I already know how to have a good system in terms of writing our thesis. 

We just need to focus on our problem, that's it. Nasobrahan yata kami sa information na pati RRL, nagawa na namin. :P Charot.

But it pained me hearing Ma'am Agato endorsing us to other thesis adviser. I guess, being her advisees for the thesis, she wants us to come up with something better and that, kailangan nya pa kaming takutin para gawin lahat ng makakaya namin. No, I will never let that happen of course.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


So I was expecting that Tom and I were already enrolled in the subject Educ9 right after adding it and  paid everything just to get things settled. Then after 2 weeks of attending Dr. San Diego's class, she told me and Tom that our names wasn't included in the master's list. I got pissed off.

Last July 12, I went to school early to pay my fees, I asked the cashier kung pwede ko pa makita yung subjects na tinetake ko para makita ko ng maayos. Educ9 was not really included. I went straight to the registrar and I tried my best not to shout, or else I might be expelled. Hahaha. There, I calmly talked to Ma'am Sarah, and she told me na the last day for the adding of subjects was last June 20. Crap. You get my point. For the next few minutes, Tom and I were like.........

  • Crazy looking for any possible message that we can have for Dr. Castigador. She MUST consider the letter recommended by Dr. Mina for us to have our regular load together with Educ9. Hello, we paid everything para jan ha. 
  • Begged Dr. Mina to have the best-est recommendation letter she can possibly write beside our formal letter. :p
  • After rushing at the registrar, para kaming patay gutom na kumain sa sobrang pagod. HAHAHA.
It felt very rewarding that Dr. San Diego consoled us. She told us na dapat ayusin na namin yun, or else Tom and I will be taking it again next semester, on our last semester. Charot. I hope Dr. Castigador would have extended her consideration para makapasok na kami ng legal ni Tomas sa class ni Ma'am Espie. =))

Hello Thesis tonight. Tahi tahi din. :P

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Yes. This day for me, oh wait. Ako ang sabaw pala. I hope you'd understand why. ;|

  1. I went to school empty stomached. I forgot to eat what's on the table before leaving the house.
  2. Dean had to make my head hurt because of his lecture. Imagine, he walked into the room having the board marker on his hand, writing with all his liberty all the discussions about the different kinds of blah blah. Oh Dean, you're the best. I wish I could be like you anytime soon.
  3. I need to get a ride before 9pm. Papa wants me to be at home at exactly 10pm. Hello slow buses. :(
  4. Renz's sentiment is getting too serious. he's too over- reacting. He kept on texting me every now and then and he had to constantly remind me to take care every time I go home. Ang OA na.
  5. I can't shout at Renz at this point in time, ( 1:24am ) because Mama and Papa might sue me from doing so. Lahat na lang napapansin ni Renz kaya ang OA na. Sobra.
  6. I need to tell Renz that I have my class so he won't stop sending me text messages and shit. One good thing I was able to answer the examinations given by Dean before he bombarded my Inbox. 
  7. My scalp's really damaged. I had to let my sister checked it even if I do not want to. I can't comb my hair. It hurts. ;(
  8. Had to go at SM Fairview today at 11am to check my tuition fee. Thank you Tito Robert for this. :* Sabaw kasi I need to wake up early to read the hand outs given by Mami Agato for the RRL. :|
  9. After reading the hand outs, I must hurry up and go straight to the bathroom and prep up for school and have the thesis review, for the nth time. Information overload part II. ( Dean's lecture  as the Part I. )
  10. Insomnia's invading my system again.
Have a good night my loves. Still, thank you Papa J. for this day, and what happened just a few hours ago, even if it meant persistence and head- ache. I LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

KC Baby! :">

I just missed mu cutest Baby ( Oh I forgot she's not a baby anymore. Ang laki na nya. :( ) niece, Khazandra  Czar. 1 year ko na syang di nakikita e. I told her Mom, my cousin Ate Rhoze to let her daughter join the Promil Pre School iShine. E kaso late na sya. 

Here's my KC!

Kahit kailan wala ka talagang emosyong bata ka! HAHAHAHA. Charot.

Good bye I.P Fee!

Thank God to nth level for allowing me to pass my OJT Journal on time. Barbie, Poleng, and I were the Top 3 to pass the journal just in time. When the assistant of the shop handed me the journal, my heart is swelling with pride. I guess same goes with Poleng. Para kaming tanga na kumain at naghintay sa Gateway para sa bookbinding na yun. Twas sort of fast, kasi I am expecting to get the book by 3pm in the afternoon, at its longest. Oh, at least nakuha na namin agad ni Pols.

Longganisa, Beef burritos, Ginataang Mais, and Kwek-kwek. Okay I understand now why am I having a hard time looking fit. Hahaha. Kainis. ;|

Anyway, thank you po Papa J for letting me achieve this! I love you! :*

And to you my soulmate, thankyou at nagkasama tayo ng 2 araw para lang sa Journal natin to have it book binded. :*

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

No claaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaass!

I woke up at around 9am in the morning. Twas freezing cold inside the house. I first turned on the television, and of course, being a Senior student, ( That marks my last year being a pasaway stude. ) I am expecting suspension from Trinity, due to the inclement weather. I went online, and buti na lang Ma'am Agato commented on my status saying she won't be able to meet us tonight, for some personal matters. I was like, yes. I can go back to my bed again. 

I thought makakatulog na ako ulit, pero nag tetris na lang ako para mas masaya. I enjoyed tweeting with my Mcdodo loves, and I remembered Reese and Tom, and what made me remember them was the word I repeated last night to describe that shit girl's attitude. "IMPAKTA." Charot.

Hello Communication Theories and Bloom's Taxonomy, AGAIN. ;( 
Aral- aral muna. :)