Tuesday, July 3, 2012

No claaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaass!

I woke up at around 9am in the morning. Twas freezing cold inside the house. I first turned on the television, and of course, being a Senior student, ( That marks my last year being a pasaway stude. ) I am expecting suspension from Trinity, due to the inclement weather. I went online, and buti na lang Ma'am Agato commented on my status saying she won't be able to meet us tonight, for some personal matters. I was like, yes. I can go back to my bed again. 

I thought makakatulog na ako ulit, pero nag tetris na lang ako para mas masaya. I enjoyed tweeting with my Mcdodo loves, and I remembered Reese and Tom, and what made me remember them was the word I repeated last night to describe that shit girl's attitude. "IMPAKTA." Charot.

Hello Communication Theories and Bloom's Taxonomy, AGAIN. ;( 
Aral- aral muna. :)

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