Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Good bye I.P Fee!

Thank God to nth level for allowing me to pass my OJT Journal on time. Barbie, Poleng, and I were the Top 3 to pass the journal just in time. When the assistant of the shop handed me the journal, my heart is swelling with pride. I guess same goes with Poleng. Para kaming tanga na kumain at naghintay sa Gateway para sa bookbinding na yun. Twas sort of fast, kasi I am expecting to get the book by 3pm in the afternoon, at its longest. Oh, at least nakuha na namin agad ni Pols.

Longganisa, Beef burritos, Ginataang Mais, and Kwek-kwek. Okay I understand now why am I having a hard time looking fit. Hahaha. Kainis. ;|

Anyway, thank you po Papa J for letting me achieve this! I love you! :*

And to you my soulmate, thankyou at nagkasama tayo ng 2 araw para lang sa Journal natin to have it book binded. :*

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