Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cinemalaya! ♥

At long last! Finally, I was able to watch the films required by the Dean. :)))) Attending the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival is such an awesome experience. Please exclude that last year bonding with my friends, what are you thinking now? A fun- filled day watching indie movies with the greatest loves of my life. ♥

On my way to Trinoma, I thought na dapat this year, it'll be fun. No dull and stupid moments, just lalalove. :">


I went to SM Fairview terminal to have a ride to Trinoma mall early in the morning. Is 11am already early? :P Charot lang. Buti na lang hindi na naghintay ng pasahero sa madali lang yung byahe. Teeheee. 
When I arrived at Trinoma, Poleng called me to ask where am I, sabi ko nasa Ladies Room lang para lumandi. After nun nagkita kita na kami. 

The next thing I saw we did was:

  1. Had a small debate whether or not to have a ride on 4D blah blah near Timezone. (Sorry I forgot the name of the establishment.) We ended up shouting inside the room seeing the zombies and monsters doing their very best to scare us by throwing us blades and axes. My eyes were half closed, para naman di na ako mamaos kakasigaw. :D
  2. Paid Jennie, (since she's the one who got lots of bucks in us 6, hahaha!) 66php for the Realto like experience. BITIN.
  3. Kept on laughing and laughing and laughing while we're waiting for the others. We were like crazy reminding Reese how loud she was inside the room. =))))))))))
  4. Bought tickets for the New- Breed entry for Cinemalaya. This is it! 1:30pm ang time! ;)
  5. Time check 12:45pm. We already went inside the theatre. Maaga pa, pero pagod na paa namin para maglakad- lakad pa. Hahaha.
I'll continue what happened next right after watching "Ang Nawawala" I'm sleepy. I can't stand this anymore.

 So we made it early to Trinoma to have this awesome 4D ride. HAHAHA.

Cinemalaya = FUN. ;)

Having them around is the BEST- EST thing ever. ♥ 

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