Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hello MTRCB!

"Good pm! This is Tootie from MTRCB. Your request for an interview will be handled by our Executive Director. Your schedule is on Monday, October 1 at 3PM. Kindly confirm if you can make it. Thank you."

I screamed. Natapos na namin si Congressman, then next in line we have our MTRCB  appointment with the Exec. Director for the disapproval filed by Congressman Gonzales. Oh shoot. Lord Jesus you're just the BEST! ♥

Hiyaaaa! Our interview with the MTRCB Executive Director will be administered next week, October 1 at 3pm. Si Christopher de Leon na lang kulang. Hay yay yay!

We'll get through this thesismates! 2down, 1 to go!
FGD's next. ;)

Worth it.

"Jhoinky, nakita ko grade natin sa RD!" 

When Reese approached me saying this, natulala ako. Oh God, we might get dissappointed with the grade Mommy A had given us. Okay. Inhale, exhale.

"What Reesey? Dali ano?????????" 

"Kanina kasi tinignan ko yung pinasa nating folder na chapters 1 to 3. Nakita ko, 95."

Gotcha! 1.50! Not bad! Stress and sleepless nights were all paid off. Of course we can't have that grade without Him. Thank you very much Bro!
 I'm really motivated to finish what we have started. So Thesismates, lezgoe! Amoizzzzing! :D


Saturday, September 22, 2012


 Hi! I am Jho. I am the team leader of Team AJA. :)
Hahaha. The next time I'm gonna enter the House of Representatives, I'll make sure Congresswoman na ako. :P Srsly.

This is Thomas. Buffffff. Loading....

Meet my gorgeous Luga, Marni ♥

The only guy, Daven. ;) You know what I mean, by physique.

Chubby cutie Danica Pols.

Reesey my baby. Nathan's head over heels crazy trying to win her back. :">

Jennielou The Banker. She's got a lot of bucks.

Thank you very much Lord for this opportunity to have Congressman Aurelio Gonzales being interviewed by our team for our Thesis Writing. Way to go!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Boy Kulit. =)))

What happened today is oh so masaya. :) Even if I got stranded on my way home, my guy saved me. ♥ 

So everything's fine, and Chil's dad, Tito Peter even accompanied me going home. Kasi papasok na din si Chil, tapos yung itsura ko daw kapag magcocommute pa, mukhang basang sisiw. Hahaha. Grabe laaaaaang. :">

On our way home, ang daming kwento ni Tito Peter sa kotse. Nakakatuwa! So ayun, minutes later, nasa bahay na kami. Sinamahan ako ni Chil sa bahay, tapos sabi ni Tito Peter;

Tito Peter: Magbibihis ka na ng uniform mo diba? Tapos maliligo na din Jho?T

Me: Opo tito. Papasok na din po kasi ako.

Tito Peter: O sige hintayin ko kayo dito sa labas ha. Para sabay na kayo pumasok sa school.

Me: Hala, hindi na po, mauna na po kayo grabeng hiya na po ako Tito! Nakakahiya!

Tito Peter: Sobra ka naman. Sige na ligo na at hintayin ko kayo dito.

I was like OMG. Grabe nakakahiya. Di ko kinaya. 

So nasa bahay na kami, madali talaga ako, ligo ko 5 mins. bihis 2 mins. Tapos sa kotse na lang ako nag- ayos. :)))

Said goodbye to Mama and Mikee, and shoot! Off to school.
Going back to the car, Tito Peter said, "masyado ka naman nagmadali?"
Hahaha. Sabi ko, "Okay lang po yun tito! :)"

On our way to school, kwentuhan to the max again! Tito Peter and Chil invited me to go with them in Nueva Ecija this coming Saturday, and magpaalam na daw ako. Sana payagan. :)

Tadaaaa! School bound! I thanked Tito Peter so much sa paghatid at sundo nya sa akin. OMG lang talaga. Delos Reyeses are just the sweetest! ♥

The next thing Chil and I did:

  • Went to the cafeteria to have our lunch.
  • I accompanied him to Eport and wow, that was the first time I haven't seen Sir's around the shop. Hahahaha! But Vin was there.
  • Went to AS bldg. to have his part clarified in their final exams in Copy Writing.
  • Went to the library to review my Film Appreciation report for tomorrow. He saw the letter we're supposed to pass to the MTRCB and House of Representatives. Sobrang messy na nung paper kasi may mga pinarevise si Mommy A. To my surprise, he changed my surname DeLima, to Delos Reyes. Ohemmmmm. :""""""""""> ♥

Soon after, he went to his class. He kissed me. :*

Hours passed, and Research Design class na namin. Mommy A had our class merged with Communication majors. Nagtataka ako bakit wala si Chil. Malamang at sa malamang, nasa Eport yun, so I texted him. He said they're on their way. 

That day, Sept. 18, Trinity had it's Soft Launch of the 50th Golden Anniversary. Happy. =))) Mommy A told us na may fireworks daw na mangyayari, so hinintay talaga namin. Mommy A talked and talked, and theeeen....

Fireworks lit up the sky. All of us rushed outside, and mind you, kami ni Issay ang nanguna. Mommy A just laughed. Upon reaching the AS Lobby, I saw Chil and his friends having a good time watching the fireworks. Nung nakita nya ako, umakbay sya, tapos tingala na kami sa kalangitan. :">

So in no time napuno ang AS Lobby. :D Sayaaaaaa.

So nagpunta na ulit kami sa room. Wagas ngiti ni Mommy A kasi para daw kaming mga bata. Hahaha. Isa pang nakakakilig, (It's not me and Chiles)
Reesey my baby had a bouquet of flowers given by Nathan, so lahat kami sa room 

nagulat. Yung iba tumili, yung iba kilig. Hahah. :P

Chil found a seat near me, so dun sya umupo. So si Mommy A habang nakikipag usap sa ibang groups, nagkukulitan kami ni Chil. Lalalalala. ♥

Mommy A dismissed the class. She called me, sabi nya "let's finalize your questions for Congressman tomorrow."

So umupo ako near Mommy A, then Chil went near me. Ewan ko kung ano ginagawa ni Marni that time, na nagpapicture si Chil kasama ako habang kinakausap ako ni Mommy A. Chil kept on kissing my head, and then Mommy A shouted, "Delos Reyes! Mamaya na yan! Ang kulit mo!"

Then Chil went to his friends, at di ko din alam kung bakit sya tawa ng tawa. So si Mommy A nairita na naman, sumigaw na naman. "Pwede bang lumabas na yung mga walang ginagawa jan? Get out!"

So dalawang beses napagalitan si Chil kasi yung tawa nya nangingibabaw sa room. Hahahaha. Why so hyper- active hubby? Pero I love you so much! Mahal na mahal. 

Next time wag na masyadong makulit, okidoki hubby? :****** ♥

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Thank you, Congressman Gonzales!

After waiting for his response, I shouted for almost two minutes and continued to thank God for Congressman's approval for our interview. Oh Lord, you're the best- est!

I should also thank Paula Danica for the words of encouragement when I lost my patience waiting for Congressman's reply. I love you Pols!

So yesterday, I messaged Congressman:

Me: Good afternoon, Sir! I am Jhoanna Marrie De Lima of Trinity University of Asia. Our group is writing our thesis, amd we would want to interview you about the bill that you filed, the Anti- Typecasting, House Resolution 2140. Please give us your available time. Thank you very much Sir!

I messaged his two private numbers. I got no response. ;|

Minutes later, hiya! He responded to my text message;

Congressman G: Ok im in my district pamp

I was like, weh? Are we gonna go there to interview you Sir? That means adventure kung talagang pupunta kami dun. I do not care about the gastos, basta para sa thesis, gora ako! ;)

I texted Poleng to tell Mommy A about Congressman's response. Mommy A told me to text Congressman to have some appointment. Here we go.

Me: Thank you very much Sir! Can we ask you for appointment sir? What is your convenient time? Thanks Sir!

Thank God it didn't took Congressman forever to respond;

Congressman: Ok next week im in congress ty

Again, I was like, Congressman! Please tell us the time. Stupid me for being so demanding. Hihihi.
I told myself, sasagarin ko na ang pangungulit sayo, Congressman! Tutal andito na ako e. Hehehe. Kulit. :P

Of course I am kidding. 

I texted him once again.

Me: Alright Congressman! Can you please tell us what time can we go there for the interview? Thanks Sir!

 Thank God it didn't took Congressman forever to respond for the second time;

Congressman: Up to 6pm

Ohhh yes! Okay. He just said that next week, he's in the congress, so technically anyday by next week, we can go there. Oh thank you Congressman for consuming at least 15 minutes of your time. You're a great help, indeed! 

Now, I'm thinking of what token to give to Congressman. Cake? Red Ribbon of Goldilocks? Hahahaha. I'm running out of ideas. Suggestions are open. ;) Charot.

I just wanted to thank you in advance Congressman for allowing us to interview you! ;) This one's a huge help for us Broadcast Communication majors. ;)

Lovely Day. ;)

I slept at around 3am in the morning. Thinking of not going to my bed, just wait for the morning to butt in, but soon after, I dozed off to dreamland.

So our agendas for today:

  • Meet Mommy A and pass our Review of Related Literature, and plan our Focus Interview with Congressman Aurelio Gonzales, MTRCB Chairman Mary Grace Poe- Llamanzares, and the veteran actor, Mr. Christopher De Leon.
  • Formulate questions needed for our F.I and FGD in San Pablo, Laguna. ;) We're getting there!
  • Contact Congressman Gonzales for our very first Focus Interview. Capital OMG!
That one. Mommy A asked me: 

Mommy A: Kailan nyo balak mag F.I?

Me: Before po sana kami magconduct ng FGD sa Laguna mami. So technically by next week po or last week po ng September.

Mommy A: Sino ulit yung Congressman na iinterviewhin nyo?

Me: Si Aurelio Gonzales po.

Mommy A smiled, then she had a paper and let me write the Congressman's name.

Mommy A: Okay you wait for me here, formulate your questions before I go back here.

Minutes later....

Mommy A: DeLima! Eto yung number ni Congressman, sige na itext nyo na. :)
Me: Hala ang bilis naman mami? Kinakabahan po ako itext. :D
Mommy A: Ikaw din wala kayong F.I nyan. 

Mommy A let me write the message I wanted to say to Congressman. Para di naman nakakahiya, sulat sa scratch paper, sulat, sulat. Tedeng!

Me: Mommy A, okay na po ba ito?

Mommy A: Sige okay na yan. :)

We were all nervous during that time. Oh Lord, si Congressman po ang pinaka importanteng iinterviewihin po namin. Please guide us oh Lord. 

During the first 5 minutes, I can't look at my phone. Seconds, minutes, and hours has passed, no text message coming from Congressman came. :| :( :/

Sabi ko okay lang, there's still tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, blah blah. Busy din of course ang lolo mo because of the session in the Congress. ;)

Thank you pala Mommy A for the lunch. Busog po kami sobra, hiyang hiya naman po ako kay Daven sa adobo nya and ginataang kalabasa. Takaw. :P

Mommy A, thank you for keeping us really pressured. :P If not because of you, di po namin matatapos agad yung Chapters 1, 2, and 3 namin. We love you ma'am/ Mommy A! :* ♥

Sometimes, we spend more than 2 hours of chit- chatting, instead of checking our thesis writing and etc. Despite her busy schedule, she still finds time to be with us every week, doing her very best in guiding us. She's more than just a thesis adviser and a professor; she's more like of our Mom, that's why all of us in our block call her Mommy A. ♥

Whenever she's with us, there's no dull moment. I joked her one time, sabi ko, "alam mo mami A, kung kayo lang ni Tatay Mon magiging professors ko sa lahat ng subjects ko sa Trinity, bah! Kahit na M.A kering keri ko! =)))" Tapos tawa sya lalo nung sinabi ko yung combined names nila ni Tatay Mon. 


Hahahaha! Kadiri daw sabi ni Mommy A. :p

To the both of you, I love you so much! 

Thank you for treating us like your own children Mommy A and Tatay Mon. :***

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fudge. :| :( :/

I guess I don't deserve this. Been doing my very best in everything and yet, I didn't see what I wanted to see. I was like, "weh? Yan na ba yung pinaghirapan ko?" 

Dean announced our Midterm grades, and yes, I passed. But Oh Lord, I was not expecting to have this grade of 87. :| :( :/ 

Nagkatitigan pa kami ni Cateeey nung narinig namin. Cateeey and I also shared the same sentiments.

  • Those sleepless nights just because I need to finish my critique papers, getting this sky- high line of 9 grades, and etc. Tell me, what happened now?
  • Those 3- 6 hours I spent for reviewing Dean's subject, getting this sky- high line of 9 grades, once again. Tell me again, what happened now? 
Life's unfair. :| Lumabas agad ako when he dismissed the class. Oh Lord, bakit ngayon pa kung kailangan ang tataas ng grades ko sa kanya? Tapos 87 lang? Crap.

My friends and I got pissed, one good thing Chiles was on his way to make me feel na magiging okay din lahat. "Baby, may finals pa, okay?"
Fine baby. There will always be this chance to make things accurate and dandy. Thank you pogi for saving my day. I love you. :"> ♥

Still, I'm mad like hell. Tanga mo kasi Jho, baliw ka. 
Mcdo saved my day, too. What made my dinner more stress relieving is, kasama mo yung mga taong baliw na kagaya mo. HAHAHA. 

Cateeeey, Poleng, Reesey, Jennie, Tommy, Mami Yani, Santie, Daven, and our supah hot Cosmopolitan 69 Bachelor, Culver. 

Isa pang nakakabaliw, tinawag pa ni Reese si Kel na baby para lang makabili ng twister. Hahaha. Busog ako ng bongga kasi aside from what I ordered, madami pang nakabulantang na pagkain sa harap mo kahit di ko naman binili, at ako naman walang habas na kumuha ng kumuha hanggang sa mabundat na naman ako. Hahaha. 

(French Fries and Twister Fries courtesy of Daven and Kel.) THANKYOU! ;)

On our way home, thankful pa din ako kasi I passed the Midterms. Half of the class failed, and that hurts. 

We can still recover with our not-so-good-grades blockmates. Zzzz. :D
Bawi- bawi din. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

MNN. =))))

I do not get the logic of taking up a subject not related to your course. Oh well. We do not have any options left but to take it. Grabeti. ;((( 


Saturday, September 8, 2012


  • I need to call our resource persons this week. Gotcha MTRCB and House of Representatives.
  • Report in Film Appreciation and examinations about Semiotic and Ideological Theories. Oh maaaaaaan. :|
  • Report in Broadcast Cable Management. Skycable, makisama ka please.
  • Review of Related Literature Writing. I hope there's a minimal revision. ;)
  • Planning on our Data Gathering.
Oh please, kailangan ko ng sangkaterbang pasensya, talino, at pera. Hahaha! Oh anyway I have a big God. ♥

Kaya ko to. ;)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Stop it.

Been crying from 11pm in the evening 'til 3 in the morning. I really should've thanked Cateeeey sweeeeety baby for listening. Grabeng sentimyento de asukal ang ginawa ko. Okay, ganito kasi yon.

  • Pakiramdam ko kasi, di pa rin nakakamove on talaga si Chil from his past. I asked him a million times na yata, kaya merong times na naiinis na sya sakin. Oh well, tanga lang. He would look at me straight into my eyes and say, "Ikaw lang mahal na mahal ko, at wala na talaga akong pakialam dun. Wala na." Then he'll kiss me. Next.
  • Pakiramdam ko, wala lang. Hahaha! I have been so moody these past few days, and oftentimes, naiiyak ako ng walang dahilan. (Oh deep inside I know why I wanted to cry.)
And because of this shit, I texted Chil, sabi ko "Pogi, usap tayo bukas ha? I really need to talk to you. Moonleaf tayo. I love you so much. ;( Kahit ang sakit sakit sobra."

I wanted to clarify things. 
Shet. Hello Popoy. OMG. </3
Message sent: 1:08am

Okay. Next thing I knew that happened, I was talking to Cateeey, and it's just amazing that she was able to make me feel comfortable kahit na puro kagaguhan na yung sinasabi nya. We're talking for 2 hours straight, and I was like drained kaya I went down to have some water. 

Cateeeey and I talking and talking and talking. Oooops, may naka waiting sa call list ko. When I checked who it was, aaaBaby Pogi Ko ♥ is calling me. I instructed Cateeey to hold on and I'll call her later again, and this is it. 

Chil: Baby bakit naman yung text mo? Iihi lang sana ako e, nabasa ko text mo, bakit ano nangyari?

Me: Ah wala, mamaya na lang ha? Iba kasi kapag sa personal e.

Chil: Eeeeeh gusto ko ngayon na baby sige na. Bakit ka umiiyak?

Me: Wala, ano kasi e. Alam mo yung feeling na pakiramdam ko, di ka pa din talaga nakakamove- on?

Chil: Hala naman baby naman e. Yan na naman? Diba sabi ko sayo ikaw lang mahal na mahal ko? Alam ng Sirs na sobrang masaya ako simula nung naging girlfriend kita. Baby naman pinapaiyak mo ko e. Alam nila yun. Sila yung tropa ko e. Sana wag kang makinig sa kung ano man yung naririnig mo kasi di totoo yun e. Ikaw lang mahal ko. Mahal na mahal kita baby.

Me: Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry. ;((((((((( Baby, kung may nararamdaman ka pa, just tell me ha? Ako maglelet- go. Promise.

Chil: Baby namaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. Wala na akong dapat balikan kasi di naman ako ganun katanga para magfocus sa nakaraan. Ang focus ko ngayon sa present ko, sa future ko, at ikaw yun.

Me: Oki baby, mahal na mahal din kita. Ayoko mawala ka kaya ganito ako.

Chil: Di naman mangyayari yan baby e. I love you!

Me: Sige na baby sleep ka na ulit. Sorry ha? Nastorbo pa kita.

Chil: I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you!

Me: Mahal din kita lalo at mas madami wag ka na pumalag. ♥

So tulog na sya. :))

In between sobbing, Chil kept on assuring me na talagang wala na. Believe it or not, I trust him na wala na nga talaga. AKO LANG NAGSASABING MERON PA. AKO LALO NAGPAPAHIRAP SA SARILI KO. Even Marni said that to me, too.

That's why I decided to stop this crap. Wala naman akong mapapala e. Another is, nakita ko na kay Chil na wala na talaga. So I need to stop and shut up.

I appreciated his effort in buying me sandwiches and water just this afternoon kasi di ko na talaga kakayanin at mamamatay na ako sa gutom, e late na late na ako for my class. He's really worried when I texted him saying sobrang basa ako dahil sa ulan, but I told him na okay lang naman ako.

Soon after, nag Moonleaf kami. Para syang timang kasi tuwang tuwa sya na ang lamig daw ng dila nya, e malamang, kinaen nya yung yelo ng milk tea nya nung naubos nya. Ang kulit mo baby. Hahaha. =)))))
We went to Eport para daanan yung Sirs, nakakaloka ang ingay nila. Tapos nag Jolibee with Maine, Cyph, Billy and Just.

Uwian na. He never left me hangga't di ako nakakasakay. Natawa pa nga ako kasi nakaupo na ako sa bus, di pa din sya umaalis dun sa kinatatayuan nya tapos nakatingin sya sakin. :"> Oh, I love you so much my prince!

I love you, Chiles. ♥ Always and Forever. >:*<
Sorry, ayoko lang mawala ka. Kaya napapraning ako. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Oh Rigor. ;(

It felt bad knowing that in no time, you're leaving someone because you're done with that 4 year where-do-we-go-from-here adventure of my college tales. Last Monday night. Rigor, Issay, Lovelyn, Jennie, Tommy, Paula and I had a blast laughing at Issay's kalokohan with Rigor. I even took the chance of having the moment being recorded, and I can't help but to laugh and treasure it as well. Nakakabaliw sobra! After sharing the hearty and infectious laughs, we all decided to go home. After all it's already 9 o'clock in the evening. Gonna have a hard time waiting for a ride.

(This semester marks our second to the last semester mind you.)
Oh well. :| :( :/

I thought everything was fine, until I noticed my Bff Rigor. Parang tanga, di nagsasalita. He cannot look at me straight, and it seems like something really important is bothering him. I asked him what's wrong and he said, "Wala. Okay lang ako no." then he smiled. Minutes later, Jennie talked to me, "Bakit si Rigor? Ang lungkot nya."

To make things light, Jennie and I made a dialogue while Rigor is looking outside, thinking of something we really do not know. Oh anyway, here's the dialogue:

Me: (Referring to Rigor) Huhuhu, pano kapag wala na sila sa school? Kasi gagraduate na sila? Ang lungkot nunnnnn. ;(
Jennie: Haaaaaay, sana naman wag nila ako makalimutan. Mamimiss ko sila ng sobra. ;(

I told Jennie to stop. Sabi ko, "Something or someone's bothering Gori. Seriously beb." Then she nodded. I'm bound to go down in the jeep, and yet Rigor hasn't talked to me yet. I tried ignoring it, but what the effffff, it kept on pestering my mind.

On my way home, Rigor texted me saying, "Pagka-graduate niyo wag niyo ako kalimutan ha? Sana magkita-kita pa tayo, mamimiss ko kayo, ingat ka pauwi."

Tears fell from my eyes soon I was able to comprehend to Rigor's message. I told myself, "Gotcha. Jennie and I have this instinct just right." 
I decided to have this message for Rigor when I arrived home. I suppose Rigor got teary- eyed when he saw my post. ;) 

I love you Bff Rainell James Gamayo Dumlao! This one's for you. ♥
And please, refrain yourself from making me cry, okay?