Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lovely Day. ;)

I slept at around 3am in the morning. Thinking of not going to my bed, just wait for the morning to butt in, but soon after, I dozed off to dreamland.

So our agendas for today:

  • Meet Mommy A and pass our Review of Related Literature, and plan our Focus Interview with Congressman Aurelio Gonzales, MTRCB Chairman Mary Grace Poe- Llamanzares, and the veteran actor, Mr. Christopher De Leon.
  • Formulate questions needed for our F.I and FGD in San Pablo, Laguna. ;) We're getting there!
  • Contact Congressman Gonzales for our very first Focus Interview. Capital OMG!
That one. Mommy A asked me: 

Mommy A: Kailan nyo balak mag F.I?

Me: Before po sana kami magconduct ng FGD sa Laguna mami. So technically by next week po or last week po ng September.

Mommy A: Sino ulit yung Congressman na iinterviewhin nyo?

Me: Si Aurelio Gonzales po.

Mommy A smiled, then she had a paper and let me write the Congressman's name.

Mommy A: Okay you wait for me here, formulate your questions before I go back here.

Minutes later....

Mommy A: DeLima! Eto yung number ni Congressman, sige na itext nyo na. :)
Me: Hala ang bilis naman mami? Kinakabahan po ako itext. :D
Mommy A: Ikaw din wala kayong F.I nyan. 

Mommy A let me write the message I wanted to say to Congressman. Para di naman nakakahiya, sulat sa scratch paper, sulat, sulat. Tedeng!

Me: Mommy A, okay na po ba ito?

Mommy A: Sige okay na yan. :)

We were all nervous during that time. Oh Lord, si Congressman po ang pinaka importanteng iinterviewihin po namin. Please guide us oh Lord. 

During the first 5 minutes, I can't look at my phone. Seconds, minutes, and hours has passed, no text message coming from Congressman came. :| :( :/

Sabi ko okay lang, there's still tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, blah blah. Busy din of course ang lolo mo because of the session in the Congress. ;)

Thank you pala Mommy A for the lunch. Busog po kami sobra, hiyang hiya naman po ako kay Daven sa adobo nya and ginataang kalabasa. Takaw. :P

Mommy A, thank you for keeping us really pressured. :P If not because of you, di po namin matatapos agad yung Chapters 1, 2, and 3 namin. We love you ma'am/ Mommy A! :* ♥

Sometimes, we spend more than 2 hours of chit- chatting, instead of checking our thesis writing and etc. Despite her busy schedule, she still finds time to be with us every week, doing her very best in guiding us. She's more than just a thesis adviser and a professor; she's more like of our Mom, that's why all of us in our block call her Mommy A. ♥

Whenever she's with us, there's no dull moment. I joked her one time, sabi ko, "alam mo mami A, kung kayo lang ni Tatay Mon magiging professors ko sa lahat ng subjects ko sa Trinity, bah! Kahit na M.A kering keri ko! =)))" Tapos tawa sya lalo nung sinabi ko yung combined names nila ni Tatay Mon. 


Hahahaha! Kadiri daw sabi ni Mommy A. :p

To the both of you, I love you so much! 

Thank you for treating us like your own children Mommy A and Tatay Mon. :***

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