Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hello MTRCB!

"Good pm! This is Tootie from MTRCB. Your request for an interview will be handled by our Executive Director. Your schedule is on Monday, October 1 at 3PM. Kindly confirm if you can make it. Thank you."

I screamed. Natapos na namin si Congressman, then next in line we have our MTRCB  appointment with the Exec. Director for the disapproval filed by Congressman Gonzales. Oh shoot. Lord Jesus you're just the BEST! ♥

Hiyaaaa! Our interview with the MTRCB Executive Director will be administered next week, October 1 at 3pm. Si Christopher de Leon na lang kulang. Hay yay yay!

We'll get through this thesismates! 2down, 1 to go!
FGD's next. ;)

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