Saturday, September 22, 2012


 Hi! I am Jho. I am the team leader of Team AJA. :)
Hahaha. The next time I'm gonna enter the House of Representatives, I'll make sure Congresswoman na ako. :P Srsly.

This is Thomas. Buffffff. Loading....

Meet my gorgeous Luga, Marni ♥

The only guy, Daven. ;) You know what I mean, by physique.

Chubby cutie Danica Pols.

Reesey my baby. Nathan's head over heels crazy trying to win her back. :">

Jennielou The Banker. She's got a lot of bucks.

Thank you very much Lord for this opportunity to have Congressman Aurelio Gonzales being interviewed by our team for our Thesis Writing. Way to go!

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