Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Oh Rigor. ;(

It felt bad knowing that in no time, you're leaving someone because you're done with that 4 year where-do-we-go-from-here adventure of my college tales. Last Monday night. Rigor, Issay, Lovelyn, Jennie, Tommy, Paula and I had a blast laughing at Issay's kalokohan with Rigor. I even took the chance of having the moment being recorded, and I can't help but to laugh and treasure it as well. Nakakabaliw sobra! After sharing the hearty and infectious laughs, we all decided to go home. After all it's already 9 o'clock in the evening. Gonna have a hard time waiting for a ride.

(This semester marks our second to the last semester mind you.)
Oh well. :| :( :/

I thought everything was fine, until I noticed my Bff Rigor. Parang tanga, di nagsasalita. He cannot look at me straight, and it seems like something really important is bothering him. I asked him what's wrong and he said, "Wala. Okay lang ako no." then he smiled. Minutes later, Jennie talked to me, "Bakit si Rigor? Ang lungkot nya."

To make things light, Jennie and I made a dialogue while Rigor is looking outside, thinking of something we really do not know. Oh anyway, here's the dialogue:

Me: (Referring to Rigor) Huhuhu, pano kapag wala na sila sa school? Kasi gagraduate na sila? Ang lungkot nunnnnn. ;(
Jennie: Haaaaaay, sana naman wag nila ako makalimutan. Mamimiss ko sila ng sobra. ;(

I told Jennie to stop. Sabi ko, "Something or someone's bothering Gori. Seriously beb." Then she nodded. I'm bound to go down in the jeep, and yet Rigor hasn't talked to me yet. I tried ignoring it, but what the effffff, it kept on pestering my mind.

On my way home, Rigor texted me saying, "Pagka-graduate niyo wag niyo ako kalimutan ha? Sana magkita-kita pa tayo, mamimiss ko kayo, ingat ka pauwi."

Tears fell from my eyes soon I was able to comprehend to Rigor's message. I told myself, "Gotcha. Jennie and I have this instinct just right." 
I decided to have this message for Rigor when I arrived home. I suppose Rigor got teary- eyed when he saw my post. ;) 

I love you Bff Rainell James Gamayo Dumlao! This one's for you. ♥
And please, refrain yourself from making me cry, okay?

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