Sunday, September 16, 2012

Thank you, Congressman Gonzales!

After waiting for his response, I shouted for almost two minutes and continued to thank God for Congressman's approval for our interview. Oh Lord, you're the best- est!

I should also thank Paula Danica for the words of encouragement when I lost my patience waiting for Congressman's reply. I love you Pols!

So yesterday, I messaged Congressman:

Me: Good afternoon, Sir! I am Jhoanna Marrie De Lima of Trinity University of Asia. Our group is writing our thesis, amd we would want to interview you about the bill that you filed, the Anti- Typecasting, House Resolution 2140. Please give us your available time. Thank you very much Sir!

I messaged his two private numbers. I got no response. ;|

Minutes later, hiya! He responded to my text message;

Congressman G: Ok im in my district pamp

I was like, weh? Are we gonna go there to interview you Sir? That means adventure kung talagang pupunta kami dun. I do not care about the gastos, basta para sa thesis, gora ako! ;)

I texted Poleng to tell Mommy A about Congressman's response. Mommy A told me to text Congressman to have some appointment. Here we go.

Me: Thank you very much Sir! Can we ask you for appointment sir? What is your convenient time? Thanks Sir!

Thank God it didn't took Congressman forever to respond;

Congressman: Ok next week im in congress ty

Again, I was like, Congressman! Please tell us the time. Stupid me for being so demanding. Hihihi.
I told myself, sasagarin ko na ang pangungulit sayo, Congressman! Tutal andito na ako e. Hehehe. Kulit. :P

Of course I am kidding. 

I texted him once again.

Me: Alright Congressman! Can you please tell us what time can we go there for the interview? Thanks Sir!

 Thank God it didn't took Congressman forever to respond for the second time;

Congressman: Up to 6pm

Ohhh yes! Okay. He just said that next week, he's in the congress, so technically anyday by next week, we can go there. Oh thank you Congressman for consuming at least 15 minutes of your time. You're a great help, indeed! 

Now, I'm thinking of what token to give to Congressman. Cake? Red Ribbon of Goldilocks? Hahahaha. I'm running out of ideas. Suggestions are open. ;) Charot.

I just wanted to thank you in advance Congressman for allowing us to interview you! ;) This one's a huge help for us Broadcast Communication majors. ;)

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