Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Last Day. :>

I'm feeling better now. Oh yes! Finally, after a roller coaster ride here in my training, it finally reached it's DESTINATION. I should have thanked God for letting me feel that I am really loved, despite of having a hard time fitting in here in my training. Tagalog news writing sucks, but I admit, it helped me develop my skills in news writing. Yeah, I'm a Filipina, but writing news in a way I wasn't used made my training miserable. I think I should note this down on my Battling Beasts Part of my daily journal, and I suppose to pass that this week, or else, I'll be paying that 500php I.P fee. University/college as a business, of course, you'll get the picture.

This training taught me to become more patient in news writing, ( Since I am having a hard time doing that shit. ) Being a communication student, it helped me to become more aware in the social setting and issues. :> ( I am really lazy to turn on the television nowadays. Sorry. ) I cried, I was beaten emotionally, but I was able to survive. My trainor always tell me this, "KUNG MAHINA LOOB MO, HINDI KA NABABAGAY PARA SA MUNDO NG MEDIA AT PRODUCTION. DAPAT LAGI KANG HANDA, AT MAGING MATAPANG KA SA LAHAT."

Very well said. ;)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Research Design is ASDFGHJKL.

I'm humiliated. What happened tonight is just the start of this never- ending trail of my Senior Year. Happy? Yes. Fulfilled? Yes. Do I have this peace of mind? NONE. 

Ma'am Agato checked our statement of the problem, and she told me this, "I'm expecting a lot from your group. What happened Delima???????????" 

Tapos ako... NGANGA. I do not know, but it seems like napagsakluban ako ng langit at lupa nung sinabi nya yun. I felt embarrased. That was the first time she told me that. Nakakahiya. She expected that my group will be the first one to write our statement of the problem in the board, but it never happened. I do not know why that happened, too. I guess napanghinaan na ako ng loob to have some brilliant ideas on my mind, ewan ko. :( I hve lots of ideas inside, but i don't know how to profess it. O think I have a brain damage already. I also observed that not all the time, you'll be on top. I need to be more competitive and spontaneous in everything. I know I can. Fight!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ikaw na po bahala sa kanila Lord. ;(

I am not that close to my relatives sa father side ko. Kaya ako, medyo ilag and iwas sa kanila. Though may mga pinsan naman ako and tito's and tita's na close ko, kaso pili lang. I never went outside with them, go ahead and have some fun thingy, I guess that happened just once in my life, and I bet it'll never happen again.

Mama, Papa and I were at home resting. My two siblings went to the church to hear the mass. My dad, who heard my sister's phone beep, began  reading the text message. Echosera kasi si Papa kaya binasa na nya. I saw him froze on where he is standing. Lumapit sya sakin habang nagaayos ako ng gamit, sabi nya, "Shing, basahin mo nga, sino daw yung namatay?" Then I began reading the text  message, sent by Mikee's friend. When I saw Kuya Ali's name on it,. and his surname, my mind went blank. Akala ko nga it was him who were involved in the car accident, but it' not. It's his parents, Tito Robert and Tita Arcelli Labastida.

Papa kept on bad mouthing the text message I just read, sabi ko wait nga, it's not yet confirmed pa naman. Or if you want, we can call your cousins in Isabela. She talked to Tita Helen, and she confirmed na patay na nga yung dalawa. Dead on the spot. ;( 

I was like, no. That can't happen, unless na sobrang grabe yung impact sa kotse. Renz also told me na talagang yupi yung kotse. Kasi tatlong puno yung binangga ng car. Naawa ako sa nangyari sa kanila, why do they have to met their fate in that tragic way? Grabe lang, alam kong di ko sila close, but after hearing what had happened to them, goosebumps were like all staying in my body for half an hour, nakakakilabot. Ewan ko. :(((((