Saturday, June 23, 2012

Research Design is ASDFGHJKL.

I'm humiliated. What happened tonight is just the start of this never- ending trail of my Senior Year. Happy? Yes. Fulfilled? Yes. Do I have this peace of mind? NONE. 

Ma'am Agato checked our statement of the problem, and she told me this, "I'm expecting a lot from your group. What happened Delima???????????" 

Tapos ako... NGANGA. I do not know, but it seems like napagsakluban ako ng langit at lupa nung sinabi nya yun. I felt embarrased. That was the first time she told me that. Nakakahiya. She expected that my group will be the first one to write our statement of the problem in the board, but it never happened. I do not know why that happened, too. I guess napanghinaan na ako ng loob to have some brilliant ideas on my mind, ewan ko. :( I hve lots of ideas inside, but i don't know how to profess it. O think I have a brain damage already. I also observed that not all the time, you'll be on top. I need to be more competitive and spontaneous in everything. I know I can. Fight!

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