Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Yes. This day for me, oh wait. Ako ang sabaw pala. I hope you'd understand why. ;|

  1. I went to school empty stomached. I forgot to eat what's on the table before leaving the house.
  2. Dean had to make my head hurt because of his lecture. Imagine, he walked into the room having the board marker on his hand, writing with all his liberty all the discussions about the different kinds of blah blah. Oh Dean, you're the best. I wish I could be like you anytime soon.
  3. I need to get a ride before 9pm. Papa wants me to be at home at exactly 10pm. Hello slow buses. :(
  4. Renz's sentiment is getting too serious. he's too over- reacting. He kept on texting me every now and then and he had to constantly remind me to take care every time I go home. Ang OA na.
  5. I can't shout at Renz at this point in time, ( 1:24am ) because Mama and Papa might sue me from doing so. Lahat na lang napapansin ni Renz kaya ang OA na. Sobra.
  6. I need to tell Renz that I have my class so he won't stop sending me text messages and shit. One good thing I was able to answer the examinations given by Dean before he bombarded my Inbox. 
  7. My scalp's really damaged. I had to let my sister checked it even if I do not want to. I can't comb my hair. It hurts. ;(
  8. Had to go at SM Fairview today at 11am to check my tuition fee. Thank you Tito Robert for this. :* Sabaw kasi I need to wake up early to read the hand outs given by Mami Agato for the RRL. :|
  9. After reading the hand outs, I must hurry up and go straight to the bathroom and prep up for school and have the thesis review, for the nth time. Information overload part II. ( Dean's lecture  as the Part I. )
  10. Insomnia's invading my system again.
Have a good night my loves. Still, thank you Papa J. for this day, and what happened just a few hours ago, even if it meant persistence and head- ache. I LOVE YOU!

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