Saturday, July 14, 2012


So I was expecting that Tom and I were already enrolled in the subject Educ9 right after adding it and  paid everything just to get things settled. Then after 2 weeks of attending Dr. San Diego's class, she told me and Tom that our names wasn't included in the master's list. I got pissed off.

Last July 12, I went to school early to pay my fees, I asked the cashier kung pwede ko pa makita yung subjects na tinetake ko para makita ko ng maayos. Educ9 was not really included. I went straight to the registrar and I tried my best not to shout, or else I might be expelled. Hahaha. There, I calmly talked to Ma'am Sarah, and she told me na the last day for the adding of subjects was last June 20. Crap. You get my point. For the next few minutes, Tom and I were like.........

  • Crazy looking for any possible message that we can have for Dr. Castigador. She MUST consider the letter recommended by Dr. Mina for us to have our regular load together with Educ9. Hello, we paid everything para jan ha. 
  • Begged Dr. Mina to have the best-est recommendation letter she can possibly write beside our formal letter. :p
  • After rushing at the registrar, para kaming patay gutom na kumain sa sobrang pagod. HAHAHA.
It felt very rewarding that Dr. San Diego consoled us. She told us na dapat ayusin na namin yun, or else Tom and I will be taking it again next semester, on our last semester. Charot. I hope Dr. Castigador would have extended her consideration para makapasok na kami ng legal ni Tomas sa class ni Ma'am Espie. =))

Hello Thesis tonight. Tahi tahi din. :P

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