Saturday, December 15, 2012


Dean Orsal told us in our Film and Video class, "You will never understand someone else's character if you don't understand yourself."

Dean's Postscript: "Yung totoo ang sasabihin nyo ha, walang mahihiya!"

The Verdict: Dean wanted us to write down in four quadrants our honest-to-goodness answers about ourselves. Let's say that at this point in time, we need to  get so conceited for us to complete this seat work that Dean required us to do.

For the first quadrant, we need to write our Physical Characteristics, our Background, the hang- ups, and our misgivings. I can't believe I did our seatwork in Taglish. Hahaha! This is what I wrote:

"I know that I am so beautiful, inside and out. Hahaha! Joke lang po. :D I'm chubby, and I know that I'm sexy. Chubby is sexy! I stand 5'5 in height. There's this MassComm freshie who asked me, "Ate, are you Filipina- Arabian?"
You'll get it Dean. Hahaha ang echosera po ng  batang yun!"

For the second quadrant, we need to write what other people think about us, the relationship, the behavior, the attitude. And this is what I wrote:

"For my friends and family, they see me as so makulit and baliw. They know how I hate individuals who are so quiet. Parang timang po yung dating sakin. For my boyfriend, malambing na ewan na may toyo yung tingin nya sakin. Hahaha! Naalala ko po tuloy yung sinulat nyo sa paper ko, Dean. CONCENTRATE! Hahaha! Alam mo yan Dean! And ayun po alam kong tingin ni Chiles sa akin, sobra ko syang mahal. ♥"

For the third quadrant, we need to write what do we want for our future, and the like. This:

Am gonna be the supah Segment Producer and Executive Producer in GMA7 News and Public Affairs. (Yes, I want that two cool positions at the same time.) A genuine court Lawyer, and a professor at ADMU Graduate School. (I'm a graduate of M.A in Communication at Ateneo Graduate School, and a Law graduate at Ateneo Law School.) Go Team Ateneo!
A cool, pretty and clever mom and a wife to my kids and husband. (I hope it's going to be Chiles that I'm gonna marry.)"

For the fourth quadrant, the hindrances, obstacles in reaching our goals. Here:

Lazy- Get up lazybones! How could I work if I always find pleasure and joy in making hilata?
Glutton- How could I finish my works on time if I always find pleasure and joy in pigging out?
Madaling mawalan ng pag- asa- How could I move on and go to the next project I have if I always feel na laging wala ng pag- asa kapag pumalpak yung mga ginagawa ko? 
Naninigaw- How could I develop a good relationship to my colleagues if I always shout at them whenever I'm pissed? (Lahat ng bagay nadadaan sa magandang usapan Bro.)

Tadaa! And I'm finished! When I handed my paper to Dean, he immediately read the content. When I got back to my seat, I saw him smiling hanggang tenga. Then I heard him laugh heartily. OH GOD. Now you already know why I putted ":D" as my title. Wee! :) 

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