Thursday, December 6, 2012

Better late than never.

That Boracay vacay is so long long ago na. :D I haven't noticed na oo nga pala, I promised Chiles na once I've got the time, I'll blog whatever happened in Boracay. So hubby, here it is.

My family can't stand not seeing me for just a day. I remember that time we we're still in Isabela, and I decided to head up to Manila to get into a good school, Mama and Papa we're like numb, they are about to cry, and it pained me seeing them trying to hold back their tears. Anyway, yung isang araw na di ako nakikita naloloka na sila, yun pa kayang eroplano ay barko yung pagitan at dapat sakyan para lang makita ako kakayanin kaya nila? Oh well. :)

In my previous blogs, I mentioned how the Delos Reyeses exerted their time and effort asking my parents consent for the Boracay break. Mama and Papa saw their sincerity and benevolence. Though I sensed they're having second thoughts, still, they allowed me to go with Chil's family and relatives. ♥

I waited for 2 hours to have this pictures uploaded. Nakakatamad na magblog. Hahaha! Tomorrow na lang. :)

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