Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy 4th month Hubby!

Omg! We both can't contain our extreme happiness! :) Wag ng kumontra. Hahaha! Yesterday, Chiles and I celebrated our 4th month of being together. :"> I was like, weh? before he's the best guy friend I can depend on, and then shoot! Here it is, we're inseparable for the last 4 months. :) I guess, that is the best thing about us, we're friends for such a long time, and we didn't have a hard time knowing each other, this time, deeper. Oh well, pag- ibig. ♥

We had our lunch at Tender Bob's, and then after we went to Sony to have his phone checked. Lagi kasing nawawalan ng signal. :(
So lakad lakad, and then bang. There's this aspiring K- Pop Group dancing on the stage, tapos tong si Chiles, nanuod. Tuwang tuwa sya e, na ang ginawa nya, sumayaw sayaw din sya. Gulay. Ang jeje ng itsura nya. Di nya bagay. :D
He also enjoyed watching the Cosplayers. :D Ang cute lang tignan ng Hubby ko. Nageenjoy. Ang babaw ng kaligayahan. :) Yiieee I love you Chiles. :)

Happy Lemon, Tokyo Cafe, and then we watched Stolen. 
Twas a good movie. :) But before that, medyo nagkaiyakan kami ni Chiles. Here;
Chiles asked me kung bakit lagi ko daw syang pinagdududahan. I didn't know I pissed him off by asking stupid questions, and I guess my questions deserve a bullshit answers. Sumosobra na daw ako sabi nya. ;( Oh yes I know. 

Inside the car:

Chiles: Wala naman akong ginagawa para pagselosan mo diba? Kelan ka ba maniniwala sakin? Ayaw mo maniwala sa akin, ayaw mo maniwala sa kaibigan mo, ayaw mo maniwala sa mga kaibigan ko, ayaw mo maniwala sa magulang ko. Kanino ka maniniwala? Sa mga ilusyon mo? Hubby naman. Mahal na mahal kita! Ayoko mawala ka sakin e. Isa lang naman dapat mong gawin e, bumitaw ka sa nakaraan, tapos maniwala ka sakin, sa mga kaibigan mo, sa mga kaibigan ko, at sa parents ko. Yun lang hubby. Simple diba? Pinapahirapn mo sarili mo e.

Me: ;((((((( (Am such a crying baby.) Sorry na. Ayoko lang naman kasi mawala ka e. Tsaka mahal na mahal kita hubby e. Huhuhuhu.

Now I realized, am such a dim- wit because of what I did. Though Hubby told me how beautiful (still) I am even if I'm crying. He told me that I do not serve to cry just because of those petty issues. Okay. I think I moped you guys of my jealousy monster issues. Sorry. :) I promise, this one's going to be the last. Swear. 

Before going home, we went to Silverworks. Yieee, he wanted to buy us a couple ring. :"> Minutes later, he noticed there's a fireworks outside the mall. We rushed getting out of the mall. :) I bet you already know what happened next.

Once again he told me, "bakit kapag lagi tayong magkasama, laging may fireworks no hubby? Galing!" :* :"> Then I just smiled. 

Now that our eyes are satisfied with the fireworks display, we rushed going inside the mall. Hahaha. Cute lang. :P

The saleslady asked, "mag- asawa po kayo ma'am, sir?"

I responded saying no. :) Gulay ha. I still have this dreams  I wanted to pursue before getting married. Besides, Chiles and I are not in a hurry to tie the knot. We would still like to wait for around 5 years, or less? Charot. :)

That couple ring looked so good on us. It fitted perfectly. :) Inside the ring, our names are engraved on it. My ring had Chiles' name, and his ring had my name. Happy us. :"> ♥

Lord, thank you for giving me a guy like Chiles. I really could not ask for more. ♥
And to you Chiles, no words can say how much I love you. You also know how scared I am to lose you. I love you so much! I hope you won't grow tired understanding me being so lunatic. Happy 4th monthsary Hubby! :*

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