Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy birthday cry baby! :D :*

For 2 months, I did my very best in conniving with Chiles' friends and relatives to say a little message for his birthday, and to greet him as well. It was really rigid, to be honest. I always see to it that Chiles is not around of course. Well, just in case you don't know, Chiles is like a surot. He'd suddenly appear right in front of me, or just beside me. You know how talkative I am when it comes to sharing what I always do. :) Hahaha! That's why IT IS really enduring to keep my fingers throttling away from typing here every single detail of what I did. :P 

Okay. The very first people who greeted him was Cyph and Maine. I saw the both of them just outside the school, and I guess they're heading to E-Port. Yeah I was right. There, you already know what I said. It would take me a lifetime to narrate the detail of what happened that day. LabSirs, thank you very much for your cooperation. Then at the same time trying your very best to keep quiet whenever Chiles would ask you guys. For our Trinity friends, you guys are the sweetest! I do not need to mention your names. Huuug! >:D<
And to his super friend JC, thank you! If you only know how surprised Chiles was. He had to ask me every now and then, (after watching the birthday video) how I got the chance to take a video of you. :) Hihi. 

His family and relatives also greeted him. I went to their house whenever his cousins are there. (You already know my agenda) 
THANK YOU GUYS! Super! :* Hug! >:D<

I will never forget how Chiles laugh and cried when he finished watching what I did for his birthday. His happiness and contentment will never be possible without his friends and relatives. I just wanted to say thank you very very much! Now I can say that all those sleepless nights and days are all worth it. 

Chiles: (crying) Hubby naman e, pinaiyak mo koooo. (he then suddenly hugged me)
Me: Ayaw mo? Oh last na yan. 
Chiles: Eeeeeh! Di naman e. :( (Sabay wala)

Chhhuuuut! Mission accomplished!

Tita Bing and Tito Peter: Nice Jho, very nice. Nakakatuwa yung ginawa mo anak. :)

What more can I say? :)

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