Sunday, October 7, 2012


1 o'clock in the morning, Cateeeey and I had this stupid yet humorous conversation for our Film App. finals. Lutang na ako talaga. I don't even know where to start, and I might be crazy as of this time.
I shutted down my lappy. I stared at the ceiling for 30 minutes. Nasabi ko sa sarili ko, so this is what you feel whenever you're rushing things, just to meet the deadline for your school requirements, so this is what you feel when right in front of your study table, you need to finish in just one week these things;

  • That 30 pages of planning for our own Cable company for Cable Management finals. Soar High, Aim high! Choose Fly Cable! =))))
  • 10 pages of thorough review of Jose Javier Reyes films for our Film App finals
  • 3 logical movies about Gender Orientation for Gays, homework for Film Appreciation
  • Script and Sequence Guide for our Production Design Finals 
  • Transcribe the interview of our MTRCB F.I
  • Focus Group Discussion for Thesis
  • Secure the evaluation form at the Registrar's Office for graduating students. (Thank you so much for this, Lord!)
It's really hard to plan what you need to do kapag wala kang pera.. Ambag dito ambag doon. Gastos dito, gastos doon. Oh shoot, hello thesis life. Nakakangarag, nakakapagod. Marni told me one time, "Bakit pa tayo mapapagod? Nandito na tayo oh. Susuko pa ba? Ilang kembot na lang. "

Aaaaahhhh. May punto nga naman si Luga babes. Bah, if she wasn't able to tell me that, maybe, I'm already at the 7th floor of the new building, having this verdict to jump off the building. Zzzzz. >.<

Heading to Jolibee: I just realized, na sobrang pagod na ako sa sem na to. Tired of thinking of what's the next thing I have to do for finals. Lahat lahat na! That time nga, dun ko naisip, ay pwede pala kumain? Hahahah! Nakakapagoood. Bakit ganito. Kaso naisip ko, ay Jho. 5 months na lang, that 3 profitable years of battling with those subjects, stress and pressure, I was able to surpass. Yan pa kaya? Nooooo. Never. I CAN DO THIS! (Chin up!) ;)

The stress reliever? It's when Reese, Marni, Jennie and I had this time finding the chic and elegant party dresses we can sport on for the second semester's party. ;) That pair of nude stilettos I'm dying to have, I'm gonna but you in no time. I just wish na sana by October last week you're still in PRP. Please. That stylish dress in black and peach, you'll be mine, too. :D

Oh wellllll, I have so much to think about. Flyyyyy. 

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