Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tricycle ka ba?

This is the one of the notable pick up lines by Issay Galoso. Hahahaha. Pa special mention ka pa dito Issay ha. I remember, last week we, (Jennie, I, Marni, Poleng, Issay, Dianne, Mami Yan, Lovelyn, Reese, Culver, Ed, and Jamie) went to the accounting office to settle our unused laboratory fee in Broadcast Journalism last semester. E di nagform kami ng line and soon after nawala kasi nagkwentuhan kaming lahat while scanning our Id's. E di si Ma'am Accounting naghahand ng  statement of accounts namin, tapos exchange of pick up lines si Jennie and Issay, nakisama si Culver, tapos lahat na nakisali. Well I hope Ma'am accounting would not mind us being so noizzzzzzzzzzy. MassComm e. Hahahaha. Anyway, sa sinabi ni Issay na pick up line, we were like crying because of sobrang tawa. 

ISSAY: Tricycle ka ba?

US: Bakit?

ISSAY: ( Imitating Boy Pick Up's face... )
Then suddenly she shouted, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!


Tawang tawa kami sayyyyyyo! Loko.

Madam Issay with Culver.

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