Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Clingy as ever. :P

"I miss you Hubby ko. Sobla po. Mahal na mahal kita!"

Oh. I miss my love too. I suddenly want to kiss, hug, and cuddle with him. 

After an hour and a half, I saw him talking to the delivery boy (KFC) and when he saw me, he flushed his face splitting grin. 

And what I did:

I planted a soft kiss on his lips. He kissed me back, then afterwards he motioned me to eat. My tummy's growling, I noticed.

Ang sarap sa pakiramdam na magkaibigan kayo. Naisheshare mo sa kanya lahat ng sama ng loob mo, lahat ng pangarap mo. Lahat lahat. After all dapat naman lahat ng couples, may friendship pa rin na dapat madevelop. I'm blissfully happy, knowing that I have him, and he's mine. Shit. Makakapatay ako ng tao kapag nalaman kong may pumapantasya pa sa magiging asawa ko. Welcome to hell. ;)

Sa sobrang kulitan namin, I didn't notice that I fell into a deep slumber. But I know he kissed me before we went to bed. Haaay. I really could not ask for more God. He's so adorable and sweet. 

I love you my love, my life, my everything. ♥
Then we both dozed off. 

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