Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Thesis Acknowledgement. ♥

                I really do not know what to say, and I really do not know how to start either. Anyway, my heart swells with pride whenever I remember how victorious… aaah! Tong thesis most especially the defense. No words can describe how happy I am na at long last, after the roller coaster ride with thesis, at sa lahat ng pinagdaanan ng grupo ko, finally we made it! That where-do-we-go-from-here feeling mode on. =)))))) Nakakatuwang nakakanerbyos.

·         Papa God, thank you for always guiding us in whatever we do. Without You po, we know we can’t achieve anything. Thank you for always blessing us, giving us the strength and courage to go on when we feel down. I love you Bro! You’re just the best- est!

·         Papa, Mama, Tito Robert, Tito Boyet, Tita Gay, Ate Tim, lahat lahat na kayo! Hahaha, maraming maraming salamat! You guys made it possible for me to achieve my dream. Now that I have my Bachelor’s Degree, I can marry the guy I love the most, for short pwede na ako mag-asawa. HAHAHAHAHA! Chos lang. I know you know na marami pa akong gustong gawin, and that includes my dream to become the legendary trial lawyer in the Philippines. Mehehe. :D Suporta naman dyan. Chos lang. Maraming maraming salamat po talaga! Mahal na mahal ko kayo. :*

·         To my future in- laws, (chos!) Tito Peter and Tita Bing, thank you for allowing me to stay in your home. I appreciate how you talked to my parents po just to say na sa inyo na lang po ako magstay kasi malayo ang byahe ko. Ayy naiiyak ako. ;( Thank you po sobra! Mwah! And to my ever- loving boyfriend Chiles, I love you hubby! Thank you for understanding my supah mood swings. Hahaha! At salamat na rin sa laging pagiindulge mo sakin sa pagkain. Ang lusog tuloy natin. :P Mahal na mahal kita!

·         Dean Cesar Orsal, thank you for inspiring us in everything, and one thing more I will definitely miss you po! Ugh, naiiyak ako. Echoserang film yan! I’ll never forget that, and your favorite line whenever you see me, “Nakauwi ka na ba? San ka umuwi?” followed by a hearty smile. I love you Dean, forever! I will never forget din the times that you made us all smile in the class by just saying, “Wit, gumetlak, echosera, and more.” Hahaha! Thank you very much Dean. 

·         And of course to our mighty thesis adviser, Mommy Evelyn Agato! We’re used to call you Mommy A na po made possible by your surname's initial. Hahaha! Agyamanak maestra senora! (Thank you ma’am in Ilocano.)  mahal na mahal ka po namin, though most of the time pasaway kami. You never failed to guide and support us Mommy A, and for us you’re more than just a thesis adviser. You’re our super mom, and my mother confessor. (Alam mo yan ma’am) We both love to make chismis and you never get tired of listening to my sentiments and chikas. Hahaha! I love you Mommy A!

·         Oh, how could I forget to thank my groupmates? Who all went on their way to confront me whenever they notice that my stress level over thesis goes up, that I am getting bossy, more and more, and when I can’t notice how harsh and rude I am whenever I’m pissed just because of thesis, (again) oh sorry. But you know that I only want what is the best for our group. I love you guys bigtime! Thank you for always doing your very best in everything, and now that we’re finally making martsa na, I would like to salute you all. Thank you for constantly reminding me not to eat, whenever I’m stressed because I always looked like a preggy lady all the time, though you know I am a stress eater. Thank you, thank you. Million thanks would not be enough. After all that we’ve been through, I can say that I have the best- est bunch of friends. Mcdodo, together with Daven, Santie, Culver, and Rigor, para tayong nakalunok ng megaphone sa ingay natin. Isa lang masasabi ko, TEAM BR! =)))))))) :D


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