Sunday, April 7, 2013


I mentioned on my Graduation Album in my Facebook account: We're together still together when it ends. ♥ (From: Sunday Morning by Maroon 5
I changed Change of Weather from We're together in the lyrics)
Best describes our 4 years of friendship in Trinity University of Asia. Though it marks the end of our academic combat, we are all still together. ♥ 

This is going to be my hardest battle: Get separated from the people I love, whom I used to be with every now and then, whom I shared my triumphs and failure in my journey, and to whom I always depend on, seeing them as the reason why I love going to school everyday, investing my time for stupid but chuckle some conversations at the university cafeteria and runway. Oh gosh. Why do we need to deal with this kind of wretchedness? I may sound too exaggerated, but the fact that we wouldn't see (Mcdodo and the rest of 4BR01) each other that often, it'll be a torture. 

I don't know, but maybe things have to be felt in that way. Malungkot oo, pero ganun e. We can't stay forever at Trinity University of Asia and just do the blabbing we want. We need to find stable job for us to support our future, and we all believe that there's a bright prospect ahead of us. So instead of making ourselves lonesome just because we won't meet that often, we all decided to look forward on having a cool job, having a great salary, but of course before it could happen, we need to do our very best. We need to be compassionate in everything we do, be a pro- active individual, and a dedicated employer. ♥

4BR01, thank you for sharing with me your stories. I may not be able to talk to all of you because I always prioritize Mcdodo, HAHAHAHA! But trust me, you guys are all precious to me, and of course I love you all. 

MCDODO: It'll be hard facing the real world without you guys. :( I've been used to seeing you everyday. It even came to a point that I relied on you guys, and you we're mainly the reason why I'd push myself to go to school. I may find new friends in the real world, but then again trust me. You guys will still remain as the best- est buds that God has given me. I'm just a text/call/tweet/Skype/Viber/Instagram/Messenger/Facebook/ away whenever you need someone to defend/make you happy/make you cry/kill that bitch who just called you ugly or anything/celebrate with you/cry with you/sleep with you/drink with you/EAT WITH YOU/dream with you/ and so on. You guys will always hold a special place in my heart. May our paths cross again Mcdodo. Kiss and Hug to all of you! >:************<