Sunday, August 5, 2012


I woke up this morning seeing 1, 072 views in my blog. Oh well, what can I say? HAHAHA. Love or hate my blog, your view still counts. Thank you! Hahaha. What made this blog reach its thousandth view is because of my defense to my supah F's. ♥  As you can see, I WILL NEVER LET ANYONE HARASS THEM OR DO IT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Just in case someone would dare to do that, face me first. =)) Or else.

And for you, our hater, you're the reason behind why I'm always jotting down my thoughts here. Should I thank you or what? Naaaah, of course. Kapal naman ng mukha mo para pasalamatan ka namin. Hiyang hiya naman kami sa contacts and evil red lipstick mo. :D

But still, I would like to convey my genuine thank you to you dear. You have always been a fan of Mcdodo Friends, and you kept on spreading real good stories about us. Kindly inform me if you have new gossips okay? It's too obvious, napaka insecure mong palaka ka. Wink! Flying kiss dear! :* 

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