Friday, August 3, 2012

Rise above the hate bitch.

Please forgive and understand me once you'll read this. 

You might always see me with my friends, having the time of our lives since this year's going to be our last one. But please, YOU BETTER STOP JUDGING US BASED ON WHAT YOU SEE. Ni hindi ka pa nga namin nakasama tapos ganyan mga pinagsasabi mo about me and my group? Why don't you try to face and dare talk to us? I bet you're good in spreading good stories. 

Want to know what she said to me and my friends? This:

  • She insisted that Marni told everyone she's beautiful. Oh dear, you don't need to say that right in front of whoever shit you wanted to know about your crap. If you may want to know ma'am, Daven is head over heels in love with Marni. =)) Why not try to remove your contact lenses, make up and hair color? Yan ba ang tunay na maganda? Oh man. Please, just shut up.

And I would like to add this, she just said that Marni's getting ugly already. So you're a double faced bitch dear. Teh, yung totoo? Sinasabi mo ba yan sa sarili mo? Or you don't even have the idea on how a beautiful lady looked like? That pretty lady above, sinabihan mo ng pangit, ano ka na lang kaya? There's no make up or contacts being worn, ang ganda na nyan. E ikaw? I think you thought of your face as a COLORING BOOK, PUTTING ALL THE COLORS ON. Party ang peg sa school? Oh you bitch.

  •  "Si Jennie ang pinakamayaman sa Mcdodo!" Oh God in heaven. Please remind whoever the shit said this that MONEY IS NOT A REASON TO BE FRIENDS WITH SOMEONE WHO GOT LOTS OF BUCKS. So, kakaibiganin mo yung tao para manakawan mo or mahuthutan? I heard you intended to stole the money that your boss entrusted you while you were still in your training. How true dear? Could it be a sign that you're a user and worst............. You're supposed to get the context here. ;)

And here's Jennie. Isa pang sinabi nya about my friend is "Sayang si Jennie no, maganda sana, kaso nakabraces lagi tuloy nakanguso."
WTF. You're also wearing braces right? So that means nakanguso ka din? HAHAHA. Dear, Jennie's beautiful inside and out. And I would like to tell you again, MONEY IS NOT AN OPTION FOR SOMEONE WHO'S LOOKING FOR THE REAL MEANING OF FRIENDSHIP. Mind your own business. (Auto Load Max, Avon, selling contact lenses, etc. ) 
  • "Yang si Jho, mayabang yan eh. Nadala sa puri ng mga prof kasi...." kasi ano? Matalino ako? Hahaha. Self- proclaimed. Indeed. Charot. So now, it's already a sin to be wise or whatever shit you may want to describe a brainy one like me. Mayabang ako kasi marami akong achievements during my internship in GMA-7. Inggit ka? Mayabang ako kasi I did lots of academic achievements during my stay here in Trinity? Inggit ka? Mayabang ako kasi I'm a consistent Dean's Lister through out my college years, inggit ka? Oh girl, you need to wake up and see, that you're insecurities... THEY'RE KILLING YOU ALREADY. It's not my fault anymore that I am doing my best to excel in the field I chose. Why not try to focus on yourself? Puro buhay ng iba pinapakialaman mo e. It's no longer my fault when our professor would drag my name in the discussion for exemplifying and demonstrating a good theory or what. It's no longer my fault when the Dean wanted me to say something more about my successful internship in the prestigious GMA-7.                                                                                              
I can't take a stand on how your friends treat you dear. Baka sinasamahan ka na lang kasi, naaawa na sila sayo. Ohhh, you're more than just a beggar dear. 
Please, maawa ka naman sa sarili mo. 

Say something more about me and my friends, I won't be having second thoughts to give you what you deserve. =))

Isa pang banggit sa pangalan namin, lalagay ko na pangalan mo dito.

Here's my middle finger, saluting you, bitch.

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