Wednesday, August 15, 2012

He's just the sweetest. ♥

He had his time playing with his buds the infamous Defense of the Ancients this afternoon. He actually called me in the middle of their game just to hear my voice, priceless. ;) Of course having a guy like him who'd talk to his girlfriend while playing his favorite game is definitely a huge pogi points for us girls. :"> Hello, bibihira lang yung lalaking gumagawa ng ganyan. There are some guys who'd prefer facing the computer trash talking with his team, kesa naman tawagan pa yung girlfriend nya. 

After their game, they went to his friend's house para magbonding, nagyaya din kasi uminom mga kaibigan nya kaya yun. 
Time check, 5:58pm na, Dean walked into the room carrying the papers, folders, etc. No one dared to help him, kaya natawa ako. Jennie tapped my shoulder and said, "Beb, CD told me to remind you to see your phone, he texted you."

So ayun, nabasa ko, and he said na pupunta sya ng school later, mga 8:30pm para sabay kami umuwi. Alam na, para akong gago na nakangiti na naman sa ceiling ng room. :">

I badly wanted to finish the Film Appreciation class para makita ko na sya. Dean, once again discussed lots of blah blah blah. (I jotted everything down so I don't have to worry) Finally, after 2 hours of blabbing, he dismissed the class. 


  • He texted me saying he's already on his way to fetch me. Oh man, define kilig at this very moment please?
  • I told him that I'm gonna wait for him outside the Moonleaf. Malapit na daw sya. Yehey! 
  • He spotted me right away texting him, and he smiled. Oh Lord, wag Nyo napo syang kunin sakin please ha? 

Inside the Moonleaf, inasar nya si Cate, Jamie, Tom, Marni, Jennie, and Poleng. Nakakatuwa lang na he exerted his efforts sa pakikisama sa mga kaibigan ko. Oh well, naging classmate na din naman nila si Chil kaya close na din talaga sila even before. Right before getting a ride, he held my hand, and he said good bye to my friends. Bah, ikaw na ang sweet! ♥

Inside the jeep, he narrated what happened to him today, what's the next thing he's up to, and etc. He never failed to tell me how much he love me, and the sweetest part is, he loves kissing my forehead. Genuine :">
He let go of my hand nung pababa na kami ni Jamie, sabi pa nya kay Ja, "Jamie, pinagkakatiwala ko sya sayo ha? Ingatan mo please."

INTENSE KILIG. I love you Delos Reyes. ♥

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