Monday, August 20, 2012

You know what's hard?

  • It's when I badly wanted to gain something and I do not really know on how to achieve it. Gustong gusto ko makuha yung bagay na yun, but I guess God is just preparing me for another great gift He's planning to give. Okay Bro, I trust and love You very much. :*

  • It's when I could have done something to get the grade I wanted in Dean's class. Ohemmmm, .75, .50, .25, and that flat one. I do not hold any grudges in my heart really, but the fact that I could have studied any better gives me goose bumps. Sayang. ;( 

  • It's when I see the messages his ex girlfriend posted on his wall when they were still a couple. Okay, that's the point, when they were still a couple. I'm hurting myself with this petty things, and yet, I really wanted to see much more of what her ex posted before. Shunga lang ang peg ko. Swear.

WHAT I DID TO LESSEN THE PAIN? I watched The Vow. I'm hoping that one day, someday, what happened to Page would also happen to me. Bakit? Para mawala na lahat nung katarantaduhang naiisip ko. Am thinking of giving him up, but that's unfair.

Just because it's hard for me to get rid of what I am thinking, I'm gonna leave and give him up. No. I will never ever dare do that to Chil. 

KBYE. =)))))))))))))))))) 

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