Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hi Loveeeeeeys. ♥

Heavy rains will not stop us from seeing each other, ehem via Skype. We all went online to check the status of the dams, checking the conditions of the homeless individuals, the brave rescuers, and the courageous and undaunted media people. Hands down! 

Meanwhile, Reesey, my ex- husband Rigor, ( I still love him mind you ) Jennie and my prettiest gal Marni decided to have a conference. So, we were like crazy, talking to each other for 6 hours straight. Ewan ko sa kanila kung bakit nila nakayanan na matulog ng alas dos ng umaga. Hahaha, oh you guys are the best anyway. Puyatan e. :P

I love you mga magaganda at pogi! Wait, there might be someone who's getting insecure, ONCE AGAIN. =))

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