Friday, August 24, 2012

Yiieeeee. :">

Chiles made my day. :"> Oh well, nabadtrip lang naman talaga ako sa Educ.namin. 3 minutes after blabbing in front, for the presentation of our lesson plan, she interrupted the presentation and said, "How many times should I remind all of you here na mali yang ginagawa nyo? Walang audience participation! Ano yaaaaaan?"

Tapos ako, ay wow ha? Kakasimula ko lang tapos tatalak ka agad? And now you're expecting me to have the audience participation na gusto mo? Oh crap! I think you should replace us in front and do the teaching shit you want. Badtrip! 

One good thing, Chil was able to save my day. He texted me saying na nasa room na sya and all set na for the class. I replied saying, "Oki baby kinig ka na. Kaso nakakainis pogi, badtrip yung educ.namin! Zzzz. I need a hug. ;("

After a few minutes, Jennie and Mami Yani told me that Chil is outside the room, waiting for me. :"> Oh Lord, he's just the sweetest. ♥

Naappreciate ko na lumabas pa sya ng classroom nila just to make me feel na magiging okay din lahat. He hugged me, he kissed me and said, 
"Baby, wag na mabadtrip okay? I love you."

Chil, ewan ko kung ano meron sayo pero wala lang, mahal kita masyado. Wag ka na mawawala ha? Please. ♥

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